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Films that have unbelievable and unforgettable ending scene - List hai toh hit hai - 29th Sept 2021
  • Nikhil Kumar

  • OTTplay

Last Updated: 07.20 AM, Jan 11, 2022

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Hey there! Welcome to List hai toh hit hai, one podcast based on special themes from the world of movies and entertainment. I am Nikhil, your host for this episode.

Today, my list of movies comprises films that have left an everlasting impression on the audience's mind due to their unforgettable ending scene. Owing to this, the last scene eventually became the best scene in the film. Let's explore some fantastically made films in our podcast today. Some films may not have a great story but the last scene leaves such a great impression on our mind that we remember the movie forever!

First film on my list today is a 1995 release called

The usual Suspects

This movie is based on crime and the story is all about a bunch of career criminals who eventually team up for a big score. These gang of criminals find themselves in a dangerous spot when they encounter a much dangerous criminal named Keyser Soze. The entire movie is actually narrated by the remaining criminal, Verbal Kint. But actually it's the final scene that takes the cake in the movie making the scene more popular than the entire movie itself. Spoiler alert : the last scene reveals that Verbal’s story was a totally fabricated version and the timid criminal is actually Keyser Soze himself. This scene makes the audience go into a state of astonishment and makes the watchers mind question everything they saw all along.

We at OTTplay have given it a whopping 9.0 rating and you can catch the film on Amazon Prime Video.

The second flick on the list is


This flick off the bat, is totally filled with iconic moments, and is also considered Brian De Palma’s masterpiece by the audiences. This film is considered one of Al Pacino's most popular performances with his role of Tony Montana. Like I said some movies have that weird or bizarre ending that leaves audiences spellbound, this one too has that heroic unexpected ending. Spoiler alert : when Tony is pinned and attacked by his rivals in his compound, he takes matters into his own hands and fights off the attacking gang all by himself. The audiences are literally up on their feet cheering Tony to fight off the rivals!

We at OTTplay have given this flick an 8.3 and you could watch this film on Netflix and Youtube.

Blade Runner

The film was initially panned by critics upon its release in 1982. However, it went on to become one of the most revered films in history and has been the subject of case studies and research across the globe, mainly since it redefined the cyberpunk genre.

Blade Runner: The Final Cut (2007) is regarded as the most definitive version of the movie. Featuring Hollywood veteran Harrison Ford in the lead, the film featured the late Rutger Hauer as an antagonist. His final monologue in the film, often referred to as ‘tears in the rain’, bolstered his image to that of a cult icon.

We at OTTplay have given this flick a 8.0 rating, catch this movie on Google Play Movies.

Inglourious Basterds

Quinton Tarantino is a true genius when it comes to filmmaking. The plot revolves around a slightly alternate take on World War II, where a group of American soldiers are dropped into France to accelerate the fall of The Third Reich. The film’s editing, screenplay, visuals and sound design are simply spectacular. Tarantino, a master at editing scenes, directed three astonishing scenes in the movie - the opening scene, the ‘strudel scene’ and the ‘shootout in the basement’. The third act of the movie offers plenty of twists and turns, with the final scene in particular providing a fitting conclusion.

OTTplay rating of 8.4 and catch it exclusively on Netflix.

Gone Girl

David Fincher’s incisive commentary on thrillers involving troubled couples was too scathing for us to skip over it. 2014’s Gone Girl was an edge-of-the-seat cat and mouse hunt that kept viewers guessing who the actual anti-hero is. Ben Affleck’s Nick Dunne and his wife Amy (played by Rosamund Pike), navigate the dangerous space of trying to eliminate the other through a web of lies and betrayal. Fincher’s final blow gwas the closing scene. After Amy’s obsessive stint seemingly comes to a halt, he realises that he is stuck with her for life. Having become an unsung hero to the society, Nick’s sense of paralysis in being unable to get out of a toxic relationship is all-encompassing, and it’s Fincher’s final hat tip to sense of divine cinematic justice.

This flick gets an 8.3 rating from us at OTTplay and watch it on numerous OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime video and Youtube.

The Shawshank Redemption

The Shawshank Redemption ended on an optimistic note where Red reunites with his friend Andy in Mexico. Based on Stephen King’s 1982 novel titled Rita Hayworth and The Shawshank Redemption, The movie was about a man’s emancipation from prison. By the film’s end, it is shown Andy chalks out a plan to escape Shawshank State Penitentiary. And he succeeds. A year later, Red is also released on parole. However, many film buffs and theorists contest the happy ending by suggesting that Red did not survive in the end. Even Andy and Red’s reunion, theorists state, looks visually surreal as compared to the rest of the film, indicating the film’s ending was misleading.

This flick gets a whopping 9.1 OTTplay rating and watch it on Netflix and Google Play Movies


Jordan Peele saved the strongest gut punch for the concluding minutes of his psychological horror Us. The film charts Adelaide, played by Lupita Nyongo, and her family consisting of husband (Winston Duke) and two children as they revisit Adelaide’s childhood home. But soon four masked strangers attack them.

Right at the wee end, we are told that the Adelaide we were introduced to in the film’s beginning isn't who we thought she was. During a flashback episode, we learn Adelaide was kidnapped by clone Red in the beach funhouse back in 1986, and all along, it was Adelaide who was following Red and her family to replace them and claim their place in society. The ostensible twist in the tale subverted the idea of us and them. Years of subhuman treatment and a pursuit for survival had led Adelaide to turn to her baser instincts. Red, who escaped the underground as a child, also quickly realises the only way to survive is to resort to violence. Like through the rest of the movie, the film's ending posed the pertinent question - are we truly different?

We at OTTplay have given it a 7. And you can catch the movie on Netflix, Google Play Movie and Youtube

Shutter Island

Martin Scorsese’s psychological thriller was about a patient who had disappeared from a psychiatric facility. DiCaprio played Teddy, a US Marshall who was handling the investigation of the missing patient in the hospital in the film's eponymous island. The ending of the film, released in 2010, revealed that DiCaprio’s character is himself an inmate at the facility, who had murdered his wife. Teddy, on the other hand, was a figment of another inmate, Andrew’s imagination. The filmmaker has always remained tight-lipped about the extent of Andrew’s insanity, making Shutter Island ending one of the most ambivalent ones in Hollywood history. This ending is often compared to the final scenes of Christopher Nolan’s 2010 film Inception, which has divided viewers on whether or not its protagonist was still dreaming.

This one comes with an OTTplay rating of 8.6 and watch the movie on Amazon Prime Video, Youtube and Google Play Movies.    

That's the end of today's podcast, List hai toh hit hai, I shall be back soon with another podcast until then it's your host Nikhil signing off.

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