Happy Friendship Day! 5 reasons you should watch Chaskela today
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Happy Friendship Day! 5 reasons you should watch Chaskela today

Chaskela released on Oho Gujarati early in 2021.

Shaheen Irani
Aug 01, 2021
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Friends are one of the most important people in our lives. Some could argue that they are as important as one of our body parts. You simply cannot function if they go missing from your life.

The Gujarati web series Chaskela, which was released in 2021, conveys the same message. It talks about how friends are an important part of our life and how life is empty when they move out of our life.

Here are some more reasons you should celebrate with the show today...

- It is a nostalgic trip you will want to take


You are sure to be filled with nostalgia after watching the show, for it has at least one kind of friend among the group of six friends.

- It beautifully portrays friendship


Chaskela beautifully shows how friends could be complex and yet, they are the only ones who can make your life a little better.

- It will make you catch up with an old friend

Chaskela, which is a fun ride throughout, leaves you feeling uneasy towards the end. The only way to get rid of that feeling is to catch up with a friend you consider dear.

- To know that friendship is above everything


The show portrays how every friend has an individual personality and yet depends on the other. It is the perfect example of socializing.

- To double up on the fun today


You may or may not be spending time with your friend in reality today. However, the friends in Chaskela are definitely going to be there for you - to compare how amazing you and your friends are, or just to know that you guys will reconnect someday soon.

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