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House of the Dragon is basically an Indian show, here’s how!

The fantasy show House of the Dragon is streaming exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar in India.

House of the Dragon is basically an Indian show, here’s how!
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Last Updated: 05.06 PM, Sep 25, 2022


You may think that Disney + Hotstar’s House of the Dragon is an international show with no ties to India whatsoever. WRONG!

As we all, Indian weddings are a big affair, replete with food, dancing and inevitably, a touch of drama. Well, it appears that Westerosi weddings are just desi weddings in disguise. In the latest episode of House of the Dragon, we see the wedding celebrations of Princess Rhaenyra (Milly Alcock) and Laenor Velaryon (John MacMillan). New episodes are simulcast along with the US every Monday at 6:30 AM on Disney+ Hotstar. The fifth episode dropped this week and it showcases a magnificent marriage celebration. The festivities are, of course, fit for a king and contain, to our surprise, a number of elements that can be found at the desi counterparts. Here are 5 ways in which weddings in the world of House of the Dragon are like Indian weddings!

Elaborate Outfits

Weddings are an occasion to dust off your grandest attire and stun everyone else with your beauty. This is especially true for the Indian bride who is often the most elaborately dressed of all the attendees. Rhaenyra Targaryen certainly pulled this one off, with an intricate and over-the-top hairdo that trumped every other outfit at her celebration.

Dance Till You Drop!

It’s no secret that if you go to an Indian wedding, dance is a must!. The royal wedding in House of the Dragon is a sight to see and certainly, dancing is a big part of it. Of course, the wild-side is not so much an aunty busting a hip while doing bhangda but a public brawl between two heartbroken men. Nonetheless, it’ll definitely appeal to the desi in you.

Fashionably Late Entries

No wedding celebration starts on time in India. There is always a straggler somewhere who puts it all on hold, either by delaying the rest of the party or by interrupting it. It seems the Targaryen family wedding is no different. The wedding in episode 5 is interrupted not once but twice – first, by the entrance of the black sheep uncle, Daemon Targaryen (Matt Smith) and second, by the Queen and Rhaenyra’s ex-best friend (Emily Carey).

Family Dramaaa!

No Indian wedding is complete without some high-intensity family drama and the royal family has it in abundance. Tensions run high between the bride, Rhaenyra, and her step-mother, the Queen. The father of the bride, King Viserys (Paddy Considine), and his brother, Daemon Targaryen too have their own issues to sort out. To pile onto this mess, the bride and groom’s lovers are in the mix, but what’s a wedding without a little family angst?

Leftovers from the Meal

At last, we come to the food. Desi weddings go all out with their catering, serving up a meal that leaves your mouth watering. Inevitably, a lot of the food goes uneaten even when everyone has had their fill. In House of the Dragon, we know the food is just as good because King Viserys cannot stop eating. However, a majority of the meal does go to waste, but it’s because a bloody (literally!) fight breaks out

House of the Dragon resonates with the desi in us, and the wedding in episode 5 proves that!

HBO’s House of the Dragon, which releases a new episode every Monday at 6:30 AM (IST), streaming exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar in India.