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Keerthy Suresh would love to do another film with team Saani Kaayidham

Saani Kaayidham, directed by Arun Matheswaran, streams on Amazon Prime Video

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Last Updated: 02.21 AM, May 08, 2022

Keerthy Suresh would love to do another film with team Saani Kaayidham

Keerthy Suresh in Saani Kaayidham

With her latest outing Saani Kaayidham, Keerthy Suresh once again has proved her mettle for handling challenging roles.

Speaking about her experience of working in Saani Kaayidham, the National-award winning actor said, she doesn't know if Arun Matheswaran had her in mind while he was penning the script. "When he narrated the Saani Kaayidham script to me, I had no clue about how it was going to be or what genre the film would be."

Keerthy added she went blank in the beginning. "Only after listening to the entire script, I had a rough idea. To be honest, I had my share of doubts about how I was going to play the character. It wasn’t something in my zone. I thought when the director himself was so confident about me doing it, I should push further.”

Working with the team Saani Kaayidham was a huge personal takeaway, according to Keerthy. "Starting from Selvaraghavan sir to Arun Matheswaran; everybody was nice to me, on the sets. I want to do another film with them. I even flicked the sari that I wore in the film, eventually. There were a lot of nice things to cherish. I knew a lot of people working with this new team beforehand. This whole experience was amazing."

In an interview with Film Companion, Keerthy showered praise on Arun Matheswaran. “He is amazing. His forte is how beautifully he can make a film. He’ll start with a very small thing, but it’ll end up as a big one. Once he was done with the narration; why me, was my first question. He replied saying 'the same reason why you are questioning “why me” is the answer to why I want you. He said he’s not seen me in a role like this before, so that is why he wanted me to do it’.”

Speaking about her checklist, she was quoted in Film Companion, “I always go with the flow. After a point, we start aspiring and wishing for more, but my only goal is to keep moving forward. I feel I just started even though it’s been over 9 years. I feel there’s a lot more to do.”