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Is everything back to being hunky-dory in Krushna Abhishek and mama Govinda's relationship?

The actors made individual confessions on Maniesh Paul's podcast in their attempts to resolve the issues

  • OTTplay Team

Last Updated: 12.04 PM, Jun 14, 2022

Is everything back to being hunky-dory in Krushna Abhishek and mama Govinda's relationship?
Krushna Abhishek and Govinda

Looks like rosier days await veteran actor Govinda and his nephew Krushna Abhishek as the two make sincere attempts to get over the bitter past. The duo hasn't been on the best of terms for some time owing to their familial conflicts spilling over into the public arena, but their recent stances toward one another suggest a more pleasant future. 

Not very long ago comedian and actor Krushna Abhishek appeared on The Maniesh Paul Podcast wherein he spoke candidly about many aspects of his life. When the former was urged by the host to speak up openly about the perceived squabbles with maternal uncle Govinda, Krushna Abhishek stated that the disagreements between them have mostly been blown out of proportion and taken out of context by the media. Krushna would go on to confess his love for his Chi Chi mama in a short but very heartfelt speech.

"Chi Chi mama, I love and miss you a lot. I would request you to never believe what's said or written in the news about us. The thing I miss the most is my kids being able to play with you and have you around. I know he (Govinda) misses me a lot as well," said a visibly emotional Govinda.

And to burn the bridges further, Govinda shared a similar message on the same podcast a few days later as he spoke earnestly about his nephew. "I have so much love for you and Aarti in my heart - especially for my dear sister and your mother. I have been fortunate to have received my sister's love but it makes me sad that the two of you couldn't receive my love as intended. But I wouldn't want my behavior to be the reason for your grief and know that you don't mean that towards me either. You were always forgiven so please relax, (there's) no problem with you. May god bless you and all the best," said the dancing icon whose words evoked cheer and applause from the host Maniesh Paul. 

Soon after their respective heartfelt confessions, the comments section was flooded with love and hope with many wishing the best for the relationship. Celebrities like Vishal Dadlani, Elli AvRam, Geeta Kapur, and others too seemed moved by the exchange as they congratulated the host for managing to patch things between Krushna Abhishek and Govinda.