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Lock Upp day 56 written update: Payal Rohatgi safe from chargesheet, goes into ninth week

Lock Upp is hosted by Kangana Ranaut and produced by Ekta Kapoor.

  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 09.12 PM, Apr 22, 2022

Lock Upp day 56 written update: Payal Rohatgi safe from chargesheet, goes into ninth week
Lock Upp - Payal Rohatgi.

Day 56, after Shivam Sharma becomes the first finalist on Lock Upp, is here. Soon, Munawar Faruqui states that Anjali Arora should have won Ticket To Finale. As Saisha Shinde says 'nahi tha uska naseeb', he states 'karam'.

Payal Rohatgi tells Azma Fallah and Shivam that it would be fun if Munawar Faruqui doesn't become a finalist. That's when Shivam says that the trio should get Ali Mercchant in the finale. Azma instantly judges him and says she will lose her trust on Lock Upp. Ali approaches her and says hi. That is when she states that she wanted to poke him. Ali then picks her up with her mat.

Prince Narula tells Munawar that he cannot see himself without his parents. He calls Munawar very strong and thus, God gave him talent. Munawar then asks Prince to get his parents on the show and Prince says Munawar will instantly love them. Munawar gives Prince a hug and asks him to not cry since he is there for him.

Saisha starts a fun game in which she adds ki or ka between full names. They talk about Ali ka Mercchant, Prince ka Narula and even Kaaranvir ka Bohra (who is currently evicted from the jail). Shivam then asks Saisha to talk about Chakrapani too (another evicted contestant) and Azma says 'kitna besharam hai, paap karwa raha hai' when Saisha refuses.

Azma tells Shivam and Payal that she has a crush on Prince. She feels that jailor Karan Kundrra will target her again and thus, she kept quiet.

Payal taunts Munawar stating that women are there everywhere. He says it doesn't affect him if there is a woman or man. They have an argument over his weak English. Soon, Payal accuses Munawar of editing his video to get footage after bringing religion angle.

Anjali discusses with Saisha and Poonam Pandey about how Munawar has been behaving with her. Saisha and Anjali agree that Munawar's words are hurting them.

Payal tells Azma that the jailor is good-looking and Prince is also but he isn't left alone. After their discussion, Payal heads over to Prince and tells him how Azma feels about him. He laughs in turn and says he will meet her. Azma gets nervous.

As Azma talks about married men having a different charm, Anjali teases a sleeping Munawar. He then holds Anjali's arm and says he is genuinely very hurt. He taunts her stating that while she thought he had changed, she has made a drastic change. Munawar says that the person who is most hurt is the one who is closest to someone. She breaks down again and Munawar is seen teary-eyed too. He then proposes to feed her food but Anjali declines saying 'tere mein himmat nahi hai'.

Prince tells Saisha that he was really angry at Munawar when he nominated Saisha after stating that he would save her. That is when Prince says that he gave Payal the opportunity to take Munawar out of the Ticket to Finale. Prince even questions why is everyone making him a hero?

Tired of waiting, Azma approaches Prince and asks him to lie to her, making him laugh. He tells her that he won't lie but Azma is very pretty, as much as his wife Yuvika Chaudhary. Prince then shoos her away stating he will say a lie - that she will win the show and she has to agree to it. Azma does agree and then walks out. She learns a shayari from Shivam.

Munawar tells the cameras that he won't trust Anjali and will not let her break his trust either. Meanwhile, Azma goes back to Prince with her new shayari. Prince gives her a hug this time and she says 'haaye main marr na jau'. Prince in turn calls her dramebaaz. She tells Munawar her side of the story and he blushes with her and later reminds her of Zeeshan Khan incident, further stating that Prince takes that much protein at one time. Later, Munawar tells Prince that she is scared that if Prince even comes to break her face, she won't be able to do anything. While he calls it drama, Anjali gives him a bottle to break Azma's face. Observing from afar, Azma says Munawar will ruin her setting with Prince. She calls him Prince's chamcha. Meanwhile, Munawar talks about Azma's ex, who was an aged Pakistani.

Saisha tells Poonam about how Munawar has changed from trusting her to telling Anjali not to trust Saisha. Poonam says thar Munawar is so desperate to win that he can kill anyone coming in his way. Saisha questions Munawar's gesture - of holding Anjali's hand - while having a girlfriend and boyfriend outside.

The new task - gubbara task - is here. Every kaidi except Prince and Shivam get a balloon. The two dance on hearing that the kaidis have to keep their balloons safe for 90 minutes straight. Shivam targets Anjali. He then goes after Ali, while Prince targets Munawar. They both head towards the washroom. Anjali approaches Prince and says that she will also be the troublemaker with them and so, has no problem in getting her balloon burst. Prince then assigns Munawar to Anjali. Shivam and Prince go after Payal.

Prince climbs and goes in the washroom and Payal opens the door to run, not realizing Shivam is in front of her. Shivam saves her. Shivam and Prince then target Ali again. Shivam sprays mosquito spray where Ali is in hiding. Poonam tries to stop him and Prince has to interfere. Shivam then uses room freshener. Anjali targets Payal, who refuses to bend. Meanwhile, Saisha steals balloons. Prince finally catches Munawar and there's chaos. Shivam breaks his balloon. Munawar then forces open Payal's door and breaks her balloon as she screams 'why'?

Munawar then tries to breaj Ali's door too. Saisha breaks Anjali's balloon without knowing anything and that causes more chaos in the jail. Payal accuses Munawar of breaking doors, when the kaidis are asked to assemble.

As Saisha and Poonam discuss strategy, Shivam hides in waiting. Ali finally comes out and hides his balloon. Payal has an argument with MunJali after the balloon incident. An angry Saisha asks Munawar to burst her balloon. Shivam finds Ali's balloon and bursts it and then, Ali bursts Azma, Saisha and Anjali's balloon. Shivam then bursts Poonam's balloon.

After the task, Saisha tells Anjali that Munawar has made up so many lies that he can't distinguish between a truth and a lie. When Payal says Munawar turned violent with jail's door, he says he will do 50 uthak baithak in front of the door, making both Payal and Prince laugh. Payal and Munawar then discuss his punishment in the funniest way possible.

Saisha says her strategy is to wait. Prince asks for sugar and more balloons. The guard announces every kaidi has failed in the task and it was an opportunity to be out of the chargesheet. Shivam gets his finale warrant and his power is to save one kaidi from chargesheet. Munawar cannot be saved because he damaged jail's property. He saves Payal and Prince calls it well deserved.

Saisha goes to Prince and asks to get locked out. Poonam then says she will go out too. The trio then sorts things out and Saisha gets a hug from both Poonam and Prince.

Munawar comes to talk to Saisha and she refuses to talk to him. When Saisha walks out, Poonam, Anjali and Munawar talk about individual game and how someone can trust someone else even during that situation.

Azma tells Ali he won't give her footage. She asks him to take inspiration from his 'leader' Munawar and he gives it back saying she is Payal's cheli. They go to garbage, gutter, toilet talks. Azma shows Ali chappals and the two end up laughing as he says 'koshish acchi thi.' Then, Azma and Ali have a war of words which makes Prince lol.

When Azma tries to age-shame Ali, he says he is the same age as host Kangana Ranaut. Azma then says that seeing Ali, even his maid will not do household chores.

Payal then approaches Munawar for a truce. She asks them to respect each other. She hopes that he can save Azma at this given point.

Prince is heard warning Munawar that #MunJali should end with Lock Upp and the comedian assures it will end. He then clarifies the two are only friends. Later, Munawar tells Anjali that Prince is playing a strong game and she agrees. Munawar gets irritated on hearing about Saisha and he goes to the extent of saying he doesn't like her voice. Anjali then tells Munawar that Saisha told her that she wouldn't let Munawar win the game. Munawar then says that Saisha told him the exact opposite just a day back - that she came on the show for him and wants to see him win.

Anjali asks Munawar if he will miss her when she leaves the show and he says that she won't leave till Ali, Poonam and Saisha are on the show. She then says that Prince will take Saisha to the grand finale. Munawar then jokes he has given Anjali the whole season. He later says that Anjali, who hated Payal and Shivam the most, helped them win.