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Lock Upp Exclusive! Ali Mercchant: Poonam Pandey is more talented in flaunting her assets, it isn’t me

Ali Mercchant was evicted before the finale week, while everyone, including the Lock Upp kaidis, wanted her locked out. Kangana Ranaut helped save and take her forward on Ekta Kapoor's show.

  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 05.15 PM, May 05, 2022

Lock Upp Exclusive! Ali Mercchant: Poonam Pandey is more talented in flaunting her assets, it isn’t me
Lock Upp - Ali Mercchant, Poonam Pandey.

Poonam Pandey has been evicted from Kangana Ranaut’s Lock Upp recently. She had given up on the show previously because of her health but Poonam was saved and brought to the finale week after Ali Mercchant was evicted.

Back then, even the kaidis had rooted for Ali since, when compared to Poonam, he showed more passion to stay in the game. Unfortunately though, he was evicted from the show.

We asked the actor what does he think about him getting evicted when in bottom two with Poonam and he says, “When it comes to Poonam and me, she might be more talented in flaunting her assets which isn't in me. She has a particular audience. People might find it interesting in terms of entertainment but my way is simple - to stay like you would in real life. That was my whole thought process into the game.”

Recalling how the kaidis supported him, he added, “At the end of the day, I'm very happy, to be honest. It's because I won so many people's hearts yaar. Even the kaidis told me that I played well and that Poonam should have gone.”

Ali had entered the house when his ex-wife Sara Khan was still on the show. The vibe was clearly very different since she wanted nothing to do with him and he was trying to be cordial. By the time Ali left though, tables had turned. He spoke about the same and shared, “When I entered the house, all the kaidis were pissed off but when I left, each one of them cried. That was so overwhelming and sweet. I made such strong relations with them and the audiences.”

Taking a dig at both Poonam and Sara, Ali said that he neither got highest votes nor can he think about doing things to stay in news. “Poonam won the highest votes from the audiences which is a lot for me. I'm also getting a lot of offers suddenly and want to do something really nice so that audiences and media are happy with my work. I never thought to do things to stay in news,” he shared.

Ali Mercchant is currently going to be seen in the web series Libaas. The release date or platform for the show is yet to be announced.