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Lock Upp: Host Kangana Ranaut reveals she wanted to run away from home when 8-year-old

Kangana spoke when Anjali Arora revealed her 'big secret' on Lock Upp.

  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 12.50 PM, May 02, 2022

Lock Upp: Host Kangana Ranaut reveals she wanted to run away from home when 8-year-old
Lock Upp - Kangana Ranaut.

Kangana Ranaut has revealed on her show Lock Upp that she wanted to run away from her house when she was eight years old. The actress was speaking after Anjali Arora revealed her secret – of attempting suicide. She was very disturbed with her family and that is when Kangana let the cat out of the bag.

The actress said that she had packed her bags when she was simply eight years old and she was ready to leave her house. She said that it has now become a laughing matter and thus, it was right of her not take the step.

Kangana also spoke about being dominated by her cousins, which is something that she never understood. The actress said that it is quite common in the North but shouldn’t be.

Anjali revealed her ‘big secret’. After two weeks, she spoke about the suicide incident. She said that she attempted suicide after her brother discovered her smoking cigarettes with boys and other friends. He slapped her in public, beat her up at home and complained to their father, who also turned her black-and-blue.

Anjali was locked in her house after the incident. She was so frustrated that she drank phenyl and had to be admitted for treatment. The Kacha Badam famed actress revealed that her family apologized to her for their behaviour after she received treatment.

Kangana called out Anjali for stating that her parents understood her side of the story after she took the drastic step. She said that it is a wrong thought process and suicide is not the way. When Anjali tried to explain her side, Kangana stopped her and spoke about her own incident.

The host has revealed numerous times that her family has not been her biggest supporter initially and her sister Rangoli Chandel is someone who brought up Kangana like a mother. Kangana has spoken about her dysfunctional family previously but things are better for her now too.