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Naagin 6: Farishta unveils a HUGE secret about 'Sheshnaagin' Pratha's life, here's what we know

Prarthana and Anmol to become Sheshnaagins soon.

Naagin 6: Farishta unveils a HUGE secret about 'Sheshnaagin' Pratha's life, here's what we know

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  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 03.01 PM, Sep 11, 2022


Naagin 6 has become even more interesting for fans due to its latest plot twist. After taking a leap of 20 years in the story, the fantasy series displays how Pratha's two daughters have grown up and soon realise a huge truth about their lives. Meanwhile, Farishta comes to earth again to meet Pratha and reminds her that soon her daughters will become Sarvashreshtha Naagin and Seshnaagin. He also reminds the protagonist that how her facade of looking aged won't last long as Naagins never age. 

The last episode showcases that Pratha's two daughters turned 21. Anmol, who lives with Pratham, happily celebrates her birthday with her parents. Soon after that, she encounters a huge snake in her room. She gets scared and calls her parents. However, her mother calms her down after listening to everything.

After that Partha goes out to meet Farishta after 20 years. He reminds the Shesh Naagin that she will soon witness her daughters turning into Shesh Naagins and she will have to give her Naag Mani to one of her daughters. He also did a shocking revelation about Pratha's life in the episode as he mocked her for wearing spectacles to look older because Shesh Naagins never age. 

Before leaving, Farishta also informs the protagonist that Takshak Naag is coming again and everyone has to be there with him. However, Pratha refuses and tells him that she has left her Naagin life behind and it has been years since she has used her powers.

The upcoming episode will focus on how Pratha's two daughters Prarthana and Anmol will turn into Shesh Naagins like her.

Check out the small snippet of the episode: