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Home»News»Naagin 6 July 23, 2022 written update: The naagmahal comes under threat»

Naagin 6 July 23, 2022 written update: The naagmahal comes under threat

Pratha scrambles to save her childhood home.

  • Shilpa S

Last Updated: 05.22 PM, Jul 23, 2022

Naagin 6 July 23, 2022 written update: The naagmahal comes under threat

Pratha joins Rishabh and the rest of the family for breakfast. Rishabh’s boss arrives and informs him about a construction for a new tourist spot happening at a place beyond the hills. Pratha realises that the place in question is at the spot where the naagmahal stands. Rishabh and his whole family are invited to the inauguration, and the former is invited as the chief guest as he is an ex-army officer.

Pratha tells Pratap that she will not let anything happen to the mahal. Pratap suggests that Pratha kill Rishabh during the event. Divya accuses Pratap of pressurising Pratha so that the latter would not fall in love with Rishabh again.

While searching for his ex-army certificate, Rishabh comes across Shakti’s medical reports, where the date 2020 is mentioned. Rishabh is shocked as he wonders how this happens, as he believes that Shakti died many years ago. Shakti is seen obsessing over Pratha again. He finds a screwdriver and starts poking holes in a wall so that he can watch her in secret.

Rishabh, Mahek and everyone else wait for Pratha so that they can attend the event. When Pratha arrives all dressed up, Rishabh stares at her and remembers his time with his ex-wife. Pratha as Kiara teases Mahek saying that it seems like Rishabh is alone as Mahek does not give him enough time.

While heading towards the inauguration, Mahek realises that they are planning to destroy the naagmahal. She says that she must save it, and Urvashi asks how she plans to do so. Just then a mob of people arrive and warns Rishabh not to go there, telling him about the seshnaagin. Rishabh does not believe them and people warn them. The people from the mob are revealed to be snakes in human form. One of them follows Rishabh and the group, and decides not to let anything happen to the mahal.

At the naagmahal, the people are gearing up to handover the naagmahal to the archaeological department and convert it into a tourist spot. Pratap asks Pratha if she is ready to kill Rishabh, and Pratha says yes.

Urvashi stares at a portrait of the naag raani and recalls how the former was kicked out of the palace. She starts to search for the anklet Pratha left at the mahal, to the latter’s surprise. Pratha is also surprised to find the anklet missing. Mahek spots a portrait of herself and Pratha in the mahal, and knocks it down before anyone sees it.

Pratha searches the drawers where Urvashi was searching for the anklet, and finds it. Pratha realises that her nani, the naagraani did not want the anklet to be in Urvashi’s hands. She promises to save the mahal from being destroyed. Pratha gets a chance to kill Rishabh, but does not do it.

Some of the guests talk to Rishabh about what the people had said about the ichadhari naagin living in the mahal, writing it off as something not true. Just then a number of snakes enter the mahal. One of the guests pour alcohol around one snake and lights a fire around it. As Mahek tries to save the snake, Urvashi stops her. Pratha rushes and pulls the snake to safety, earning applause from the guests.

One of the guests approaches Pratap and says that he was saddened to hear about the death of Pratap’s wife. Just then Pratap gets a call and on being questioned by Divya says that he must do everything in his power to save the haveli. Divya asks him to proceed with caution.

As the time of the inauguration comes closer, Mahek thinks that she must try to feign an attempt to save the mahal. The snakes outside are greeted by the seshnaag and seshnaagin. The seshnaag tells Pratha that its her duty to save the mahal. Pratha decides that she must kill Rishabh.

Just before the ribbon cutting ceremony, Pratha makes dust fly all over the place and a horde of snakes swarm the mahal. One of them starts to choke Rishabh. Mahek blows the dust away.

As someone goes to kill the snake, Rishabh stops him. Rishabh realises that the mahal is the snakes’ home and refuses to destroy it. Pratha wonders what kind of a person Rishabh really is, and everyone appreciates him for it, including Mahek. Mahek tells Urvashi that the former was faking being relieved that the mahal wasn't destroyed, so that the snakes would love her.

In the car, Pratap thinks that he should now focus on saving the haveli. Pratha and Divya wonder about Rishabh’s true nature. Pratap is told that after two days, the haveli will go to charity. The only solution to prevent that is Pratap’s marriage.

Pratap meets Pratha and teases her for not killing Rishabh. Pratap asks Pratha to marry him, saying that it would simply be a drama so that he could get the haveli in his name. Pratap also says that Pratha could use the opportunity to attempt to kill Rishabh again. Pratha agrees.