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Naagin 6 May 28 2022 written update: Pratha calls Seema a 'haseen dhokha', Rishabh promises Naagin that he will be reborn for her

Pratha unveils to Rishabh that Seema is not his mother but Chanda is.

  • Sunidhi Prajapat

Last Updated: 06.49 PM, May 29, 2022

Naagin 6 May 28 2022 written update: Pratha calls Seema a 'haseen dhokha', Rishabh promises Naagin that he will be reborn for her

A still from the show

Pratha goes into the Paatal Lok and carries out the Amrit Kalash from the depth of the earth. Seema, Rainaksh Rishabh tries to go inside the temple but can't because of the Raksha Kavach. The Naagin sisters embark on their journey to mix the Amrit in the Ganges. Meanwhile, Rishabh calls Pratha from behind and asks him about the whereabouts of Chanda. He sees her unconscious on the temple premises.

Seema tries to take Chanda home, while the Naagin tells her that she will break her hand. Rishabh defends her mother and warns Pratha to not talk to her like that. 

Seema gets near Pratha and asks her to hand her the Kalash. The Naagin refuses to give it to her and informs Rishabh that Chanda is her real mother.

Seema plays her mother's card and tells Rishabh that Pratha is lying and he should not listen to him. 

Pratha pushes Seema when she tries to take her home. After a while, the Maha Asur gets tired and points the knife toward Chanda and asks her as well as the Naagin to tell her the whereabouts of the Kalash. Seema also reveals to Rishabh that she is not her real mother. 

After that Pratha calls that Seema is a 'haseen dhokha' and she was playing a game with Rishabh since childhood.

After a while, Rishabh starts puking blood due to Seema's poison that she gave to her son at home.

Before dying, Rishabh tells Pratha that he will be reborn in the next life just for her. Meanwhile, Seema offers Pratha an antidote for her husband in return for the Amrit Kalash.

Pratha takes an oath to ruin Seema and each and every enemy of Shiv Ji. To save Seema Rainaksh calls her friend Bannu, who unveils that he is Seema's real husband and lover.

The Naagin goes inside to bring the Amrit Kalash to give Seema in return for the antidote.

Seema takes the Kalash and runs to the Ganges to dissolve it with her poison in the holy river. After doing that she realises that it was not a poison that she dissolved in the river but Amrit.

She comes to Pratha and curses her for cheating on her. While Naagin explains that Mahek changed her poison bottle.

After that Seema reveals that the antidote she gave to Pratah was not real. While the protagonist explains that she did not use it but sucked out all the poison from Rishabh s body.

Mahek and Pratha try to kill Seema, while Ichadhari Nevla tries to save her but gets beaten up by Mahek. After that Bannu comes from Pratha's behind, injures her and starts leaving with Seema, while she gets up and fights with Seema's lover and kills him.

Maha Asur runs away at the end, while Pratha and Mahek take Rishabh and Chanda home.