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Naagin 6 May 8 2022 written update: Bigg Boss 15 fame Zeeshan Khan enters the show as Ikshadhari Nevla, attacks Pratha

Seema tries to kill her husband Lalit and pushes him from the rooftop.

  • Sunidhi Prajapat

Last Updated: 04.25 PM, May 08, 2022

Naagin 6 May 8 2022 written update: Bigg Boss 15 fame Zeeshan Khan enters the show as Ikshadhari Nevla, attacks Pratha

Source: Instagram

After knowing her connection to Seema's past, Pratha asks Lalit, who was also an important person in the whole facade, to tell her everything about the past so that she can find the kalash. Lalit says that he will tell Pratha everything.

He starts describing that Seema and Chanda were best friends. He mentions that though he was Chanda's husband, Seema tried to seduce him.

The episode further takes the audience to the past where, Nageshwari (Pratha's Naani) and Pratha's mother try to hide their precious kalash, but find Tara (Seems's mother) on their way to the secret mountain. Tara further calls a lot of vultures to stop them, while Nageshwari seeks help from Shiv Ji. After that Tara attacks the Sheshnaagin from behind. She drops the kalash from her hand and the pure water accidentally drops on her daughter's belly that goes directly to the unborn Pratha. Nageshwari further tells her daughter to go and hide the kalash.

Chanda sees everything and gets to know where the amrit kalash is hidden. She comes back home and sees her husband (Lalit) and her best friend (Seema) in each other's arms. She gets furious and tells her about the whole fiasco of amrit kalash but also promises not to tell that kalash's exact location. 

The episode comes back to its present and Pratha decides to find that kalash. Meanwhile, Rishabh's senior tells him that some terrorists are planning to destroy the country, while the hero says he will not let it happen.

Seema plans to destroy the country with another man, while Lalit hears everything. He comes running to Rishabh and tells him everything, however, his son tells him that he knows that he is lying because his mother has told him everything and he knows that he is one of the terrorists.

Lalit panics and runs to the rooftop and tries to tell Rishabh that he wants to tell him the truth about Seema, while Seema comes from behind and pushes him from the roof.

Rishabh takes his father to the hospital and saves him. Back home, Pratha tries to feed Chanda some food and asks her to remember what happened that day and where the kalash is hidden. Seema comes inside and mocks her old best friend, while Naagin warns her that she will reveal her true face in front of Rishabh.

Seema tells Pratha and Chanda that she has a big surprise for them and takes them downstairs and introduces a new person to Chanda as her son. The Bigg Boss 15 and Lock Upp fame Zeeshan Khan enters as a new antagonist. Seema introduces him as Chanda's long lost son. He comes, meets Chanda as her son and takes her mother to her room to take a rest. Meanwhile, when he mistakenly touches Mahek, she feels a burning sensation on her skin, which shocks her.

Pratha tries to go into Chanda's room in her Naagin avatar but doesn't succeed in crossing the gate and experiences an electric shock. The new antagonist of Naagin 6 comes from her behind and tells her that she will not be able to know about the kalash ever.

Pratha tries to scare him by revealing that she is Seshnaagin, while he reveals that he is an Ikshadhari Nevla. Both try to fight each other in their original avatar, while the Nevla injures the Naagin and later tells her to be away from his path.

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