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OTTplay Bingelist with RJ Stutee: What to Watch in December Week 4

Do you spend more time trying to choose shows and movies than actually watching
them? Don't worry, RJ Stutee is here with her recommendations for the week. 

  • RJ Stutee

  • OTTplay

Last Updated: 02.34 PM, Jan 07, 2022

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RJ Stutee recommendations for December week 4

While 83 – the film is luring us back to the theatres there is still plenty of content to sit back and binge at home . A fair warning must be given to steer clear of Satyamev Jayate which is now dangerously close on Amazon Prime video but here are some of the picks for the week :

1. ATRANGI RE – The other big release of the week that chose an OTT outing Atrangi Re is streaming on Disney+Hotstar. Directed by Anand L. Rai and written by Himanshu Sharma , it tells the story of Rinku and Vishu who find themselves stuck together as things spiral out of control. The vertex of this love triangle is a jaadugar Sajjad Ali Khan. Sara Ali Khan, Dhanush and Akshay Kumar in a film together with AR Rehman’s music seems a good enough way to spend time this weekend.

2. DON’T LOOK UP - Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence star as astronomers facing challenges to alert the world about an approaching comet in this science fiction comedy. The two go on a media tour to warn humankind of a planet-killing comet hurtling toward Earth. The star studden film includes Meryl Streep, Rob Morgan, Joanna Hill, Cate Blanchett and Ariana Grande among others. A mostly effective sataire it shows how greed , politics and misinformation will prove to be the end of all of us. The messaging is poignant and sharp and the biting irony will have you laugh out loud. It’s on Netflix

3. MINNAL MURALI – Set in the 90s, Minnal Murali revolves around the life of an ordinary man who gets superpowers after being struck by lightning. Minnal Murali, directed by Basil Joseph and written by Arun Anirudhan and Justin Mathew, is a homegrown superhero film. Tovino Thomas plays the lead and while usually we are used to the big budget superhero films from the West the fact that Minnal roots its story locally and remains authentic to the flavour works tremendously to its advantage. We spot the “mundu” and slippers and the mythology that it weaves remains uniquely ours. Guru Somasundaram as the antagonist is brilliant . Go watch it on Netflix.

4. EMILY IN PARIS S2 – Sometimes cringe is great for binge! Emily In Paris certainly fits the bill. The second season of the comedy-drama series is on Netflix and continues the story of Emily's life, as she goes about her social media job, friendships and relationships in Paris. The first season followed the protagonist Emily played by Lily Collins trying to find her feet in a foreign city as she juggled her career, new friendships and love life. Now she seems a little more entrenched in the French way of life however as we soon find out continues to sumble in and out of situations that make life tricky personally and professionally. Camille and Gabriele add drama in the first few episodes . Watch out as a new love interest for Emily is introduced in this season. It’s pure guilty pleasure.

5. THE SILENT SEA - After taking the world by storm with 'Squid Game', Netflix is coming up with another South Korean series which also features some of the 'Squid Game' cast. Set in the year 2075 when the depletion of natural resources has devastated Earth, this Netflix Series tells the story of an elite team sent on a special mission to an abandoned research base on the moon. The cast includes Bae Doona as an astrobiologist, Gong Yoo as Exploration Team Leader and Lee Joon the Head engineer among others and portrays the elite team members who risk their lives to participate in a special mission. The 8 episode strong sci-fi thriller, depicting an attempt to harvest water on the moon due to desert-ification of Earth lays threadbare the inherent class difference and bias that make matters worse as a terrifying real future stares back at us.

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