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OTTplay Lost and Found - Catfight
Nikhil Kumar
Jan 20, 2022
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Welcome to OTTplay Lost and Found, one podcast that gives you all the info you need about critically acclaimed films but lesser-known. Im your host Nikhil stay with me.

Every once in a while, we come across a movie that can hardly be slotted. Breaking the conventional mould of cinema, these gems redefine the landscape of storytelling. Onur Tuke l’s 2016 dark comedy drama Catfight is one such film. And it’s our Lost and Found for today.

The title of the film may paint a mental image of two squabbling women, possibly taking off their earrings and accessories before going for the kill. Or perhaps, resorting to more subtle yet deceptive measures to trounce the other, while twirling their locks with their index finger. And we have pop culture to thank for this stereotypical depiction of female spats that have hardly gone beyond hair pulling and bitter insults. Take Feud for instance, Ryan Murphy’s campy miniseries about the famous rivalry between Hollywood actresses Joan Crawford and Bette Davis which largely underlines the acerbic exchanges between the screen legends.

But Catfight packs a lot more grit, intensity, and graphic violence. The film revolves around two estranged college friends, Veronica (played by Sandra Oh) and Ashley (played by Anne Heche). When the two cross paths at a party, their deep-seeded contempt for each other surfaces instantly. Veronica is a wine-sucking housewife who's a victim of excess privilege, while Ashley is a self-centered artist who’s struggling in her career. Things escalate rapidly when the two acid-tongued ladies share their views on the other and we’re led to the film’s first catfight. This is a bone-crushing, skull-smashing, body-dragging affair with no holds barred. The result is just as life-altering, and one of them actually slips into a coma. But when she does emerge from her prolonged state of unconsciousness, it’s time for round two. 

Catfight upends the conventional idea of a movie with two female leads. Companionship and sisterhood are swapped with seething rage and sweet revenge. Where this film takes the whole premise may seem a bit of a stretch but it’s rather commendable for building a construct that delivers such a relentless story of hate. 

If you somehow missed watching this flick then do so , it's streaming exclusively on Netflix.

Well that's the OTTplay Lost and Found film Catfight for today's podcast. I shall be back again with another critically acclaimed film, until then it's your host Nikhil signing off.

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