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OTTplay Lost and Found - Shubho Mahurat
Nikhil Kumar
Nov 15, 2021
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Welcome to OTTplay Lost and Found, one podcast that talks about lesser-known critically acclaimed films. I'm your host Nikhil with you. 

Today’s Lost and Found is Shubho Mahurat, directed by Rituparno Ghosh. With Rakhee as the protagonist, the film was Ghosh’s personal hat-tip to the innumerable Mrs Marples who reside in every household, unacknowledged, or even uncelebrated. Ghosh paints the character of Ranga pishi, played by Rakhee, with all the necessary quirks of a sharp detective mind. With straight-faced humour, and whip-sharp instincts, Ranga pishi is always a step ahead of her miscreant. Pitted against Rakhee’s sedate smarts is Sharmila Tagore’s seamless flamboyance as a once-relevant Tollywood actress. 

Ghosh peppered the narrative with frequent cliff-hangers and prompt murders, all along focusing on his female characters’ narrative arcs. Ghosh uses Nandita Das’ Mallika Sen, the journalist who investigates the mysterious goings-on, as his audience’s proxy, thus ensuring that viewers aren’t alienated through the runtime of the film.

Despite being a murder mystery, Shubho Mahurat spotlit the lives of its multiple women. While Ghosh uses Ranga pishi to enumerate the wonders of homemakers and their adept deduction skills, Padmini Chowdhury, played by Tagore, becomes his muse to an outer, glamorous world of showbiz. As the film progresses, these parallel narratives led by these opposing personalities gain momentum until the rousing climax, where they meet for the first time. 

Shubho Mahurat is a heady concoction of revenge, love, forgiveness and brittle relationships. So if you’re up for a gripping story that also tugs at your heartstrings, you should definitely watch this one. 

If you haven't watched this flick yet then do so on Amazon Prime Video and Hoichoi

Well thats some info about the lesser-known film Shubho Mahurat on OTTplay Lost and Found, I shall be back again with another critically acclaimed film soon. This is your host Nikhil signing out for now.

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