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OTTplay Lost and Found - Trapped
Nikhil Kumar
Nov 17, 2021
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Welcome to OTTplay Lost and Found , one podcast that talks about lesser-known critically acclaimed films, Im your host Nikhil with you.

Indian cinema has surely taken gigantic leaps in story and concept if we’ve managed to pull an entire feature film exclusively about a man getting trapped in a highrise apartment in Mumbai. Yes, you guessed it, today’s Lost and Found is Trapped, the 2016 thriller starring Rajkummar Rao and well, a rat. This Vikramaditya Motwane film manages to infuse dread and discomfort into a plot whose premise would sound only mildly unsettling at best. Take, for instance, the very idea of being locked in your own flat in a densely populated metropolis with innumerable ways of staying connected and plugged in. It would seem hardly plausible if not fantastic. But this film’s story not only manages to furnish a series of turns that make this eventuality a reality, it also ensures the lead’s desperate state of mind translates across the screen.

For a film with a wafer thin plot, this one pushes the boundaries of storytelling and keeps one on edge throughout its runtime. Trapped builds up like one of those Final Destination movies where every scene leaves one more anxious about the next. There’s a power cut, the phone is out of battery, the water supply is terminated and the film’s protagonist gets locked in his own apartment in a highrise where he’s the only resident. And like it happens in these kind of movies, the film’s hero eventually cracks and is compelled to consider desperate measures. For e.g: hungry, disoriented and out of food and water, all sorts of creepy crawlies that he can cobble together are on the menu. Creeped out already? This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Rao closely follows his character’s disintegration and ensures the audience is able to empathise with his unique circumstances. But this one’s a Motwane show all the way. From managing to sell the concept of this film to executing it as a compelling watch.

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Well that's the OTTplay Lost and Found film , Trapped for today, I shall be back again tomorrow with a brand new hidden gem for you to watch . This is your host Nikhil signing out for now.

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