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Tanaav episodes 7-8 review: Manav Vij gives the series his all and almost succeeds

Most of Tanaav actors have maintained their graph when it comes to acting.

Tanaav episodes 7-8 review: Manav Vij gives the series his all and almost succeeds
Tanaav - Shashank Arora.
  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 07.43 PM, Nov 18, 2022



Panther aka Umar Riyaz is in hiding. Kabir and his team are trying to get him out of his den before something drastic happens. However, something drastic always happens anyway.


Manav Vij, as expected, is the first to appear in the recently released episodes. The story resumes with his Kabir's search for Umar Riyaz.

Manav's fury is one of the better things in these episodes. He is almost perfect in such scenes.

MK Raina as Mir saab completely gets into his character. His eyes do most of his work, making him thenperfect fit for the brief appearance.

Umar Riyaz once again comes in words before actually appearing on screen. This time though, there isn't as much fear attached to the name as the first time around.

Arslan Goni as Kunal is deadly. He is ruthless and doesn't care about hurting or even killing people.

Rajat Kapoor's intense looks are enough for this series and they are back. In the role of Malik saab, he's just enough.

Satyadeep Mishra's Uday is not joking anymore. He means business and completely nails the expressions this time around.

Arbaaz Khan finally fits into the character. He has smaller appearances but isn't a disappointment.

Shashank Arora maintains his range as an actor through Junaid. He nails even the intense emotional scenes.

Sumit Kaul is serious this time. He has shown his deadly side as Umar Riyaz and now that the wild beast is unleashed, he refuses to be chained once again.

There is no issue with the accent this time around either. The characters speak Koshur in a way that it has been their mother tongue all along.

Sukhmani Sadana as Nushrat makes an appearance. She is weaker than ever.

Ekta Kaul is back as Farah and she fits in the role well. However, her appearance is brief.

Sahiba Bali's Toshi is still the calm and matured woman in the chaotic team consisting of men. She brings something new to the table each time and this time is no different.

Zarina Wahab and Waluscha D'Souza are back and they are still sticking together despite the circumstances. That is at least for the first few minutes they are together.

The story gets more interesting this time. Every minute you wonder what will happen in this intriguing drama series.

The emotional aspects in the series slow down the pace but do not go overboard, thankfully. The series does take a downfall after the scene but the next episodes will reveal Kabir and Panther face-to-face. If you have followed the show so far, you would that this is a big moment and things can go in any direction when the two come face-to-face.


Tanaav episodes 7 and 8 are worth it for the most part. While episode 7 is constantly intriguing, episode 8 is too for the most part. However, the real drama will unfold in the coming episodes. Hence, wait out for the upcoming episodes of the show.