The best films and shows based on prison escape theme - List hai toh hit hai - 8th Oct 2021
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The best films and shows based on prison escape theme - List hai toh hit hai - 8th Oct 2021
Nikhil Kumar
Oct 08, 2021
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Heya! Welcome to another special podcast List hai toh hit hai, this is your host Nikhil with you.

In today's special, we shall dive into films based on prison break, or what you could call the greatest prison escapes of all time. There are numerous blockbuster films on this theme, where the lead actors are seen breaking out of the toughest and deadliest of prisons. My list showcases some of the hit films made on this theme.

So lets kick off, first up,

Escape Plan

A 2013 action thriller movie was the first co-leading partnership between Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. It had a good story packed with high-octane action scenes and a perfect chemistry between the two action stars. In the movie, Ray (Stallone), an expert in security systems, gets framed for a crime and is sent to a high- tech prison. He uses all his knowledge and inside help to escape the facility.

We at Ottplay have given it a rating - 6.9

Available - itunes, Jio, Vi movies, Disney + Hotstar, Netflix, Hungama , Tubi

Con Air

A 1997 American action film directed by Simon West, Con Air stars Nicolas Cage, John Cusack and John Malkovich. The film follows Cameron (Nicolas), a wrongly convicted prisoner who is released when his plane is hijacked by criminals.When the terrorists seize control of the aircraft, he attempts to get the plane back in control and return home.

OTTplay rating - 7.3

Available - Disney + Hotstar, Youtube, Google Play movies


Face/Off is a 1997 action thriller starring John Travolta, Nicolas Cage, Joan Allen, Gina Gershon. The film has earned critical acclaim for its acting performances and stylised action sequences. Travolta plays an FBI agent and Cage a terrorist in the film.

OTTplay rating - 7.6

Available - MUBI, Disney + Hotstar


Papillon is a 1973 historical crime-drama directed by Franklin J. Schaffner. The movie explores the life of Henri Charrière, from the Parisian underworld, who gets falsely convicted for murder and sentenced for life. Determined to regain his freedom, he forms an alliance with Louis Dega, who agrees to finance Papillon’s escape in exchange for his protection.

OTTplay rating - 7.6

Available - Tata Sky movies, Google Play movies, itunes

Runaway Train

Runaway Train is a 1985 action-thriller starring Jon Voight, Eric Roberts, Rebecca De Mornay. The story is about two escaped convicts and a female railway worker who find themselves trapped in a train with no brakes and nobody driving.

OTTplay rating - 7.4

Available - Tubi

Logan Lucky

A 2017 comedy action film starring Daniel Craig, Adam Driver, Channing Tatum, Logan Lucky is about a bunch of guys trying to rob the Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina whilst avoiding security officers and the FBI. The comedic banter and suspense heist sequences will make you wonder how smart or dumb the characters in the movie are.

OTTplay rating - 7.3

Available - itunes, Google Play movies,Youtube, Amazon Prime Video

Don - 2

This Bollywood flick stars Shahrukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Lara Dutta, Om Puri, Boman Irani and Kunal Kapoor. A sequel to the 2006 film Don, Don 2 takes place five years after the previous film when titular character (Shahrukh Khan) plans to take over the European drug cartel.

OTTplay rating - 7.5

Available - Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Voot


This is a crime film, starring Sanjay Dutt, Sridevi and Anupam Kher. The story revolves around Roshni, played by Sridevi, who gets wrongly accused and arrested for trafficking cocaine in Hong Kong. Jaggu, played by Sanjay Dutt, helps Roshni escape from the prison fighting all odds and return back to India.

OTTplay Rating - 6.5

Available - Amazon Prime Video, Netflix

The Shawshank redemption

A 1994 film, starring Tim Robbins, Morgan Freeman, Bob Gunton, The Shawshank Redemption tells the story of a banker Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins), who is sentenced to life in Shawshank State Penitentiary for the murder of his wife and her lover. He befriends a fellow prisoner Red (Morgan Freeman) and becomes instrumental in a money-laundering operation led by the prison warden.

OTTplay rating - 9.1

Available - Google Play movies, Netflix, Vi

The Fugitive

The Fugitive is a 1993 thriller based on the television series of the same name created by Roy Huggins.The movie stars Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones and was nominated for seven Academy Awards. The story is about Dr. Richard Kimble (Harrison Ford), who gets framed for the murder of his wife and is unjustly sentenced to death. He escapes the prison and sets out to find his wife’s actual murderer.

OTTplay rating - 7.9

Available - Netflix, itunes, Hungama , Amazon Prime Video, Google Play movies, Youtube, Vi

Alright those were the top films based on prison escapes on my list hai toh hit hai , special podcast . time for me to sign out now, I shall see ya soon on another podcast, until then its Nikhil outta here.

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