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What global Netflix users have loved in 2021 - Top 9 most watched titles so far

Here are nine shows and movies that Netflix users have loved across the world

  • Harshita Alok Sharma

Last Updated: 06.30 PM, May 25, 2021

What global Netflix users have loved in 2021 - Top 9 most watched titles so far

190 countries, thousands of shows and millions of global users - Netflix has expanded its reach deep into the world of digital streaming beyond measure. The streaming giant has come up with incredibly popular originals and acquired some of the most well-known titles that have been added to its catalogue to keep its users engaged. This certainly makes us wonder what kind of content is being consumed on a global scale on Netflix, especially since the planet has been going through rather rocky times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone’s stuck indoors, glued to their screen - but exactly are they watching? Some countries have found themselves leaning towards comedies, while some have stuck to classic comedies. Here are some of the most-watched shows and movies that are universally loved on Netflix, based on data derived by -

1. Peaky Blinders - 24 countries

This British period crime drama series about a family of gentlemen gangsters is a hit, with 24 countries adding it to their most-watched list. This feat just proves that everyone loves class, which is synonymous with Thomas Shelby. Peaky Blinders is also the most searched title on Netflix, with over 2.2 million searches globally.

2. Stranger Things - 15 countries

Mexico loves Stranger Things, and so do we! The sci-fi horror drama brings back all the feels of the 80s with some talented young actors and a gripping plot that will leave you on the edge of your seat. With a fourth season in the making, Stranger Things has dominated Netflix charts ever since its initial release.

3. Riverdale - 8 countries

Riverdale is a bit of a hit (but mostly a miss) in our books. However, this adaptation of Archie's comics seems to be widely loved across continents. The only element that the series borrows from the comics is the premise and the characters - fans of the show will testify to its ability of combining comic spinoffs and supernatural elements into the plot.

4. Sex Education - 4 countries

Ironically, India is one of the four countries that has celebrated Sex Education. This refreshing take on sex, teenage life, the LGBTQ+ community and individuality has struck a chord with millions of people, especially for its accurate depiction of sexual harassment.

5. Enola Holmes - 2 countries

When Netflix announced this Millie Bobby Brown starrer, Sherlock Holmes fans were beyond happy. The success of Enola Holmes, which features the youngest Holmes sibling out on a journey to save their mother and destroy societal notions of femininity, marks Brown’s second appearance in this list after Stranger Things.

6. Outlander - 2 countries

This historical drama, with just the right amount of fantasy, was Bridgerton before Bridgerton became big. Outlander is the tale of a woman who accidentally goes back in time, only to face adventures, dangers and fall in love again. The series has been a big hit in countries like the Philippines and South Africa.

7. Schitt's Creek - 2 countries

If it was up to us, Schitt’s Creek would top the charts across all countries. This series, created by Dan and Eugene Levy, is easily one of the most hilarious family dramas with eccentric characters whose character arcs are pure gold. This Canadian show is its native country’s top show, as well as its neighbour’s - the U.S.

8. Ultraman - 2 countries

Based on the Japanese manga series of the same name, Ultraman is the animated tale of the titular character exhibiting superhuman strength and fighting off bad guys and aliens alike. The series, which has been renewed for a second season, was loved by audiences in Indonesia and Malaysia.

9. Cobra Kai - 1 country

This martial arts comedy-drama series is based on the Karate Kid movies and delivers what it promises - intense action scenes, bursts of energy and lots of laughs. The series explores Miyagi-Verse from the perspective of Johnny Lawrence.