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Edens Zero season 1 part 2 review: A great improvement compared to its first part

Edens Zero season 1 part 2 is more intriguing and lesser creepy than part 1.

  • Shaheen Irani

  • OTTplay

Last Updated: 05.38 PM, Nov 29, 2021

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Edens Zero.


Shiki, who has grown up with robots, leaves on an adventure to make hundreds of friends. During his adventure, he meets various humans and bots. Sometimes, he becomes their friends and at other times, fights them for the evil deeds they do. At the end, he comes back to the flight called Edens Zero, which takes him to a being called Mother. She grants wishes that come true. Will he find her?


Edens Zero continues as we meet the narrator of the story. She promises a cruel story which holds true to an extent. This time, the journey moves to Digitalis.

Weisz, who turns a professor in the future, takes a female avatar on his journey. It is, as always, creepy. The adventure gets interesting with powerful villains on the way.

When Shiki is played with, it is a hilarious sight. He gets various armours and goes shirtless in a matter of minutes. On the other hand, Hermit's backstory will warm your heart.

The series then goes on a search for Valkyrie. The adventure is as exciting as the other ones. The characters meet the narrator and as expected, it is interesting. The sadistic behaviour of the narrator comes as a surprise.

While the series is intriguing at many moments, it is also hilarious. Owing to that, Edens Zero lives up to the mark animes have set.

There's a statement 'Anime will save the world' in the series but this one probably might not. Although many animes are worth watching, Edens Zero comes much later in that list for it catches your attention in bits and pieces.

Edens Zero takes an emotional angle and spins it around beautifully. Seeing how close a bot and human can get has always remained the crux of the story but this time, it truly touches you.

There is a scene where Iron Man meets My Hero Academia. This, like expected, is one of the highest points of the season. There is a Black Panther imitation too but it ends up being a mockery more than anything.

The only thing pulling this show down is the creepy and perverted scenes. While even The Seven Deadly Sins and a cult like Naruto had perverted scenes, they never appeared forced. That unfortunately is not the case with Edens Zero.

How the present connects to the past, is explored in the series. It becomes quite interesting as a concept. The series takes a bold turn, which is to be lauded. Unlike many Japanese animes, this one is fair rather than senselessly emotional. Families become the highest priority in many animes. The characters forgive their parents for all wrongdoings but this one is rather just, in that manner.

The story ends with an OTT emotional scene, which gets over the top. However, since the pace of the story otherwise was good and the future of the series is interesting, it is likely to be worth the wait.


Edens Zero season 1 part 2 happens to be much more interesting than the first part. The team goes through various adventures and many scenes during this adventure, capture your attention. This part also manages to make you laugh and is less creepier than the first part. Thus, Edens Zero season 1 part 2 is a recommended watch.

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