Lego Star Wars Terrifying Tales review: A good tribute to Darth Vader's assistant Venee
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Critics Review
Lego Star Wars Terrifying Tales review: A good tribute to Darth Vader's assistant Venee

Lego Star Wars Terrifying Tales embraces the 'dark side' in a terrifying and yet, comical way.

Shaheen Irani
Oct 01, 2021
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Lego Star Wars Terrifying Tales.


While Star Wars has explored the stories of Jedi in depth, Lego Star Wars Terrifying Tales takes us through the journey of Darth Vader's assistant Venee. Coming from the dark force, Venee has something else going on in mind, which becomes a part of the movie.


Lego Star Wars Terrifying Tales explores a world where antagonists live. Of course, we also see Jedi in the film but he happens to visit the dark world. Will this place change him or will he be able to change it? Lego Star Wars Terrifying Tales is all about it.

As expected, the story starts with the most 'terrifying' villain of the franchise, Darth Vader. However, the introductory scene stays true to the essence of Star Wars. Darth gets an especially brilliant opening, just like the antagonists have received over the years. He talks about 'the dark side' as thunder flashes over the dark skies. Obviously, Sheev Palpatine also makes an appearance soon after. However, his entry isn't scary. It is rather hilarious as he looks down on Darth.

The film then introduces Darth's assistant Vanee. He is scarier than Sheev, who actually was the evilest in the whole franchise. Vanee's evil laughter itself gives you goosebumps. He is the best part throughout the film, especially during a transformation that you did not see coming.

Considering the film is from the Lego series, we can expect some moments for the children but it does not happen to serve the movie's purpose - to create enough scare.

Just like Luke Skywalker, a new character named Poe Dameron makes an appearance. The scene is a flashback from moments after The Death Star was destroyed. This time, Poe has destroyed the starkiller base.

BB8 also comes back to the franchise and is as much fun. He comes as a major surprise much later in the film. Luke and BB8's banter is as cool as always too.

We meet Graballa The Hut, who is Jabba The Hut's cousin. Unlike Jabba, Graballa is an excited little guy who adored Jabba (the monster has died here). Graballa brings in the fun element, while also maintaining a certain level of mystery about him. This works well for the character. Graballa unwillingly also creates some hilarious moments because of how goofy he is.

The stormtroopers are back. They aren't alive per se but look as awesome even now. In fact, the film introduces skelp-troop (you get the idea), which, eyes closed, is the coolest thing you will see today.

Dean is introduced to the movie and he looks like a younger version of Poe, only to be revealed as his fan. The film also has a mention of Ren Kylo which comes as a pleasant surprise.

Luke has a nephew named Ben, who he tries to train. But Ben, unlike his uncle, is too arrogant to learn anything. We also meet R2D2 and the Jawah. CPO3 introduces Knights of Ren and you can expect something bad to happen.

In a heartwarming sequence, we see Chewbacca with Han Solo and Princess Leia. He, in fact, cooks for the family now. We also get a flashback of The Last Jedi as Ben has to choose between staying with the force or the dark side.

Kylo Ren comes back to reveal his true identity too. He says that he isn't a Jedi or a Sith, although Ren does behave like the latter. He leads 'the Knights of Ren', similar to the stormtroopers. They are bullies who care about no one except their own tribe. They live their lives to the fullest.

Ben and Ren come face-to-face and thus, we have a flashback of Luke vs Darth. This time, though, there is an interesting twist to the story. The film talks about a prophecy of Mustafar, which is a small planet in the galaxy, where the actual story of the movie is currently taking place.

Another story revolves around Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Maul, both important characters in the prequel of Star Wars. We meet the 'night sisters' in this film. While they get a scary beginning, thanks to Venee's narration, the plot soon turns hilarious.

We meet another character named Qymaen Jai Shaleel, who was the Sith Lord Count Dooku's student. He also has a comic role which rather does not fit in the Star Wars world.

Like all the Lego series so far, Lego Star Wars Terrifying Tales has comic moments too. While it could widely be considering taking a dig at the much-loved franchise, the aim is probably to keep the children entertained while also scaring them enough.

Another movie shows the story of Luke and his uncle Owen Lars. Of course, there is a recall of how Luke got out of the situation. There is a weird moment when Darth falls in love when he hears the name 'Skywalker'. In this film, Luke is sided with Darth. He, in fact, trains with the evil. This time, Princess Leia joins the force with Obi-Wan, in order to destroy the Death Star. R2D2 is still in their team, rather than being with Luke.

The droids are back. The wordplay in this film is cool at times and lame during most of the other times. The last scene of the movie, however, could give you the chills literally.


Although Lego Star Wars Terrifying Tales takes a comical turn many times, it also stands true to the title and turns terrifying for most of the part. The movie is also a good reminder of the Star Wars for the kind of franchise Lego Star Wars is.

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