Pokemon The Movie - Secrets of the Jungle review: Strictly for kids who believe in magic
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Critics Review
Pokemon The Movie - Secrets of the Jungle review: Strictly for kids who believe in magic

Ash and Pikachu join the jungle adventure but the story is all about Koko. Also, the movie is not available in its original language Japanese but English in India.

Shaheen Irani
Oct 08, 2021
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Pokemon The Movie: Secrets of the Jungle.


Koko (the modern-day Tarzan) grows up in a jungle amid a Pokemon tribe named the Zarude. He has an identity crisis but as the truth unfolds, Koko takes a strong stand for himself as Ash and Pikachu, along with a few other friends, help him on his journey to self-discovery.


All Pikachu fans, Pika!

The film Pokemon: Secrets of the Jungle begins with the story of how Tarzan, here Koko, became the heart of the jungle. Zarude, who look like half-ape half-owl, are the tribes of the jungle. They are also Pokemon. One of them named Dada develops an emotion and leaves on a journey to find Dada's parents but instead ends up spending most of his time with the kid.

Ash and Pikachu leave for a journey to the jungle. Unfortunately, Pikachu doesn’t make an awesome first impression. Meanwhile, Ash fits into the role better. We then meet all the Pokemon in the jungle and they are good with Dada.

Ash and Pikachu introduce themselves and meet the researcher Sharon. Meanwhile, Jessie, James, Wobbuffet and Meowth are up to no good. They make evil plans which end up helping the film.

As Koko's connection to the jungle is revealed, Ash and Pikachu enter his life. The latter is high on energy as always. Ash and Koko connect well sometime after meeting each other.

The music in this film is quite catchy and helps the story as Koko learns to be a human. The plot takes a cute turn as Koko and Ash both open up to Pokemon as well as humans.

The movie then takes an emotional turn. While it gets dramatic, we also go through some beautiful moments like the flashback of when Dada had saved life to see Koko happy.

Koko's truth is unveiled. The moment drags on. At this moment, we see some inconsistency in the film. While Koko cannot understand human language, he can easily decipher what Ash says. Dr. Zed also talks to him and Koko does understand and react to what he said.

If Ash has Pikachu, Koko has Skwovet. However, as expected, Koko doesn’t have a Poké ball for Skwovet and lets him roam free. In fact, Skwovet follows him around out of his love for the human.

Sometime later, we see Koko, Dada, Ash, Pikachu and Skwovet get into action. Pikachu stands out at all times, thanks to his power of iron tail and thunderbolt.

Like you would have guessed, Dr. Zed is the lead antagonist in this film. He shows an evil side that can make any person who cares about nature worried about his true intentions.

Dada turns out to be a surprise and a pleasant one every single time. The Zarude are the life force this time. They are the Pokemon to look out for, followed by Pikachu.

The film has two plots running parallel. If there is action on one side, there is emotion on the other. The movie tries to make you believe in magic but the scene is too absurd to be acknowledged.

Zarude relations evolve and Koko leaves on a journey of self-discovery, leaving Dada and even Skwovet behind. Ash and Pikachu's journey also ends on that note. A new Pokemon is introduced to the jungle, hinting at a new beginning for the franchise.


Pokemon: Secrets of the Jungle is strictly for kids. The movie tries to sell magic, which adults can figure is absurd but young kids are likely to love. So, show this movie to your little ones but stay far away from it if you don't wish to ruin their mood.

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