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Ulot Puran Ep 1 review: the new social comedy drama is relatable and promising

The first episode titled, Ei Mayabi Tithi reveals a comedic warm veneer and promises a memorable ride. The series also stars Amit Saha, Paromita Mukherjee,Deepak Haldar,Uday Shankar Pal, Suchandra Choudhury and Teesta Roy Burman

  • Samrat Das

Last Updated: 03.41 PM, Apr 22, 2022

Ulot Puran Ep 1 review: the new social comedy drama is relatable and promising
Ulot Puran


An elderly couple is at loggerheads with each other and their neighbouring couple eavesdrops on their daily commotion. They almost feed off on their misery and on the other hand, a milkman/loverboy Kanai is madly in love with their domestic help Maloti but she refuses to reciprocate his feelings and despises his very existence. Dispirited Kanai seeks help from a spiritual Apple baba who in turn provides him with a bunch of magical roots. Kanai mixes the same into his next-day delivery and Maloti along with the elderly couple ends up consuming it. The very next morning, the elderly couple’s entire world takes a topsy turvy spin and they discover themselves back in their youth.

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One of the things about globalisation is that everyone, whether we realise it or not, has formed an opinion about what is ‘good’ about it and we also tend to overlook the bad. We embrace the hollowness with an empty smile and raise an eyebrow when anything fails to match our fancy. And that’s the first feeling I had while watching the first episode of Ulot Puran. It’s called Ei Mayabi Tithi.

The first episode quickly catches a pace within a dim-lit gathering in front of a phony baba who’s busy dolling out magical solutions to his devotees and handing out roots in the forms of blessings.

The mise-en-scene paints a picture of a small township near a waterbody where an elderly couple starts bickering about their petty mundane issues. And almost immediately, the audience can strike a familiarity and the socially relevant comedy starts showing up gradually piece by piece.

Dialogue can encompass tensions, generate comedy, and provide wisdom but to capture the real essence of the true transactions, one has to own them up. And that’s exactly what turns on the magic of storytelling, which occurs with the first episode of Ulot Puran. Actor Uday Shankar Pal and Suchandra Choudhury effortlessly sculpt out a believable image and deliver an engaging performance. The neighbouring couple, played by Paromita Mukherjee and Deepak Haldar, also catches attention quite smoothly, otherwise it might have turned into verbal diarrhea and I have personally experienced that virtual asphyxiation in similar scenarios.

Amit Saha is going to be a name to reckon with in the near future because he’s emerging as a promising performer repeatedly. The character of Maloti, played by Teesta Roy Burman, appears a bit shaky on a few occasions but the whole milieu looks convincing.

The inclusion of ‘Maa Lokkhi’ and window shopping in the same sentence when delivered by an elderly lady seems a bit over the top but otherwise, things mostly fall into appropriate spaces.

A special mention must be included about the minutiae of the locations and settings. The whole canvas has a definite impact and it helps to switch on the right mood and sets the tonality for the narrative.
Arunava Mitra wrote, directed, and edited Ulot Puran.


The first episode looks promising, leaving the audience waiting eagerly for the next episode to unfold.

It's available on Uribaba’s YouTube channel.