7 best Jun Ji-hyun K-dramas and films 

Team OTTplay

Jun Ji-hyun's fame  

Korean actress Jun Ji-hyun is among the top-notch actors with an attractive salary and unparalleled talent. Here are some of her best performances.  

My Sassy Girl   

This romantic comedy film marked a breakthrough role for Jun Ji-hyun, and she became a global star along with a career boost in Korean cinema.   


The acclaimed actress shines in the role of an ambitious young female police officer named Yeo Kyung-jin.   

Happy Together

Jun Ji-hyun played a key role in this family drama. Although it was during her initial acting career, she essays the character with emotional depth.  

My Love from the Star  

This fantasy romance K-drama added to the popularity of Jun Ji-hyun and she stars as a famous but immature and bumbling actress.  

The Legend of the Blue Sea   

This epic fantasy drama follows the unconventional romance between a mermaid and a human. It follows two parallel timelines with a fate twist.


This gripping fantasy thriller features Jun Ji-hyun as a brave mountain ranger who helps lost people and survivors.   


Jun Ji-hyun appears in a cameo role, but her performance and character are pivotal to the backstory. She plays a mysterious woman from Hamgyong Province.