8 best K-dramas of 2024

Shramana Kar

The K-Dramas of 2024 have successfully thrilled the audience with swoon-worthy romances, revenge dramas, supernatural fantasies, and more. Check out the best K-dramas here.

Queen of Tears (Netflix)

A powerful heiress of a departmental store struggles to make a happy family with her husband due to her terminal illness. But their relationship is surprisingly strong enough to fight against every obstacle.

Lovely Runner (Rakuten Viki)

Paralysed due to a tragic accident, aspiring director Im Sol finds solace in Sun-jae’s music. However, his sudden suicide shakes her life, and now she is desperate to do anything for him even if she has to time travel.

Doctor Slump (Netflix)

Two exhausted doctors, at the lowest point in their lives, cross paths again, rekindling a past rivalry or possibly igniting a romance, as they navigate their struggles together.

Marry My Husband (Prime Video)

A woman travels back in time to alter her tragic fate and exact revenge on her dishonest husband who murdered her to be with her best friend. There she finds solace in her boss.

Wonderful World (Hotstar)

After the unjustified death of her son, celebrity author Eun Soo-hyun channels her grief by helping other people with her expertise to unravel their mysterious cases.

A Killer Paradox (Netflix)

A college student’s life spirals out of control after an accidental killing that triggers a chain reaction of events that puts him against a determined detective in a thrilling game.

Parasyte: The Grey (Netflix)

Humans must band together to fight against mysterious parasites that invade and control their bodies, gaining sinister powers and threatening to take over humanity.

The Atypical Family (Netflix)

A family’s superpowers begin to fade away under the pressure of the world. But a mysterious woman’s intervention offers them a second chance, revitalizing their abilities.