8 best movies about space travel 

Arshi Khanam

Top movies on space travel

Here are some of the uniquely crafted space mission films that should definitely be on your watchlist, if science fiction attracts you. 


Starring Tom Cruise, this riveting post-apocalyptic film revolves around the dilemmas and identity crises of the survivors as the aliens destroy the moon and invade Earth.  

Ad Astra

This edgy sci-fi film revolves around an astronaut who embarks on a dreary quest into space to seek his missing father and unravel mysterious secrets.   

First Man

Inspired by the life of Neil Armstrong (played by Ryan Gosling), the movie traces his journey to the moon landing and the events of the Apollo 11 mission.


This intriguing sci-fi film comes with a mystery angle to keep you engaged. It revolves around a man grappling with a personal crisis on the eponymous quest.   


This epic space adventure and opera film revolves around a gifted boy, Paul Atreides, as he embarks on a dangerous quest for his family against evil forces.   


This sci-fi horror film revolves around the crew of a spaceship as they explore a dreary quest only to get entangled in a faraway world with a threat to mankind.   

Star Trek

A perfect blend of action, humor, brilliant visuals and a compelling narrative, this sci-fi film revolves around two unlikely teammates and their common quest to battle a destructive enemy. 


This engaging sci-fi movie revolves around Jim and another passenger who wake up during their voyage to a distant planet on a spacecraft.