8 best Park Hyung-sik K-dramas to watch on OTT   

Team OTTplay

Park Hyung-sik's charisma   

The charming K-drama actor Park Hyung-sik has forayed into mainstream roles with his growing popularity and fine performances. Check out his top K-dramas below.   

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon  (Viki)

This action, family and rom-com K-drama is a perfect blend of different genres that features Park Hyung-sik in the lead role as a rich businessman. 

Doctor Slump (Netflix)

The medical drama sheds light on the struggles of doctors and professionals. Park Hyung-sik impresses viewers with his emotionally driven character.  

Happiness (Netflix)

This zombie thriller is set in an apocalyptic world and features Park Hyung-sik as a former star baseball player and a devoted police detective.  

Soundtrack #1 (Hotstar)

A soothing love story tracing the dilemmas of two best friends as they fall for each other. Park captivates viewers with his character as Han Seon-woo, a photographer.  

The Heirs (Netflix)

This high-school romantic drama features Park in a supporting role as one of the high school students and the quirky friend of Kim Tan (Lee Min-ho).  

Our Blooming Youth (Viki)

A gripping mystery romance period K-drama that stars Park Hyung-sik as an aloof crown prince with a mysterious curse.  

High Society (Viki)

A captivating melodrama that traces the unconventional romance of the lead characters. Park plays the role of a wealthy chaebol.  

Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth (Netflix)

This riveting period drama follows a star-studded ensemble. Park essays a young and distrustful King navigating his passion, friendship and love on the journey.