8 films that made Kate Winslet great  

Arshi Khanam

Kate Winslet’s charm  

Hollywood’s most iconic and gifted actress has a career spanning over 25 years in which she has delivered some impressive performances. Let’s unfold them here: 


This romance disaster film earned her critical acclaim and fame all over the globe. Her character, Rose, is still loved by many. 

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind  

Essaying the eccentric role of Clementine Kruczynski in this sci-fi romance film, Kate showcases her finesse as she delves into the character effortlessly.  

Sense and Sensibility  

Kate Winslet as the 16-year-old idealistic daughter, Marianne Dashwood, is one of her classic roles, and it was also the one that bagged her the first Oscar nomination.  

Revolutionary Road

Costarring again with Leonardo DiCaprio reignites their charm, but this time they appear as a married couple. Kate’s acting prowess won her the long-awaited Oscar.  

Steve Jobs

This biopic features Kate in the role of the Polish marketing executive and the titular character’s confidant. Her flawless acting is quite convincing in the movie


Starring in the historical drama film as noblewoman Ophelia, Kate adds a spark and liveliness to the tragic character.  


Essaying the role of paleontologist Mary Anning in this historical drama film, Kate Winslet dazzles with this intense homosexual character.   


Winslet shines as the younger version of the titular character in this biopic and portrays the best of herself as a progressive-thinking woman, which bagged her an Oscar nod.