8 greatest films of Smita Patil   

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Smita Patil’s filmography 

Late actress Smita Patil has a stellar filmography in her career spanning more than a decade. She bagged the National Award twice for her impressive craft. 

Ardh Satya

This crime thriller features Smita Patil as Jyotsna Gokhale, who is a lecturer at a local college. Her acting chops will captivate you.  


This crime drama film stars Smita as Vijay’s (Amitabh Bachchan) wife Roma who is entangled in moral dilemmas and complex relationships. 


Set in a brothel, this poignant drama film witnesses Smita Patil as a classical singer who turns to the sex business and prostitution.  


Starring in the role of a strong-willed singer and actress in Shyam Benegal’s drama film, Smita’s charm and artistry won her the National Award in the Best Actress category.  

Mirch Masala

Smita Patil’s finesse can be witnessed in this captivating film where she plays the role of a strong-headed woman Sonbai who fights back against atrocities. 


Smita Patil plays an unconventional role in this drama film. Starring as a poor woman Amma with two love interests, her gripping performance will keep you hooked to the screens.  


Essaying the role of an independent woman Najma in this drama film, Smita Patil showcases her versatility with her expressions and dialogue delivery. 


This multiple award-winning social drama film is set against the backdrop of the White Revolution of India and narrates the tale of the dairy farmers.