8 hit movies to stream on Netflix

Arshi  Khanam

Popular films on Netflix  

Netflix continues to offer a delightful mix of genres and entertainment. Here are some of the popular and hit movies you can stream on the platform.  

The Shawshank Redemption   

This epic crime thriller traces the unconventional story of a prisoner who touches the lives of his inmates in the most unexpected way.   

Forrest Gump

This Oscar-winning movie revolves around the titular character and his struggles as he navigates his military life and love despite the odds.

Top Gun: Maverick   

Tom Cruise’s high-octane action film revolves around the naval aviator and his devoted team as they gear up for an ultimate quest while battling the troubled past. 

Om Shanti Om

This musical romance is still etched in the memories of movie buffs because of its melodious soundtrack and stellar ensemble cast. Watch this tale of love, passion, and revenge.    


This 2023 film was among the blockbusters of the year despite mixed reviews. The action and bloody violence sequences grabbed attention and became an instant hit.    


SS Rajamouli’s Telugu masterpiece is available in Hindi language. Fans can witness this fine tale of love and power struggles by streaming both installments. 


A feel-good film that garnered critical acclaim for its gripping narrative and refined performances. It revolves around a woman’s journey towards self-discovery.   


Shah Rukh Khan’s action thriller is an entertainment-packed film that sheds light on social injustices and political propaganda with an edgy narrative.