8 K-dramas for best career aspiration

Arshi Khanam

Motivational K-dramas

If you’re looking to give a morale boost to your dreams and aspirations, here are some of the best K-dramas that motivate us to follow our passion against the odds. 

Start Up (Entrepreneur, Tech)   

This is one of the finest K-dramas for career motivation as it revolves around budding entrepreneurs and tech-savvy professionals.   

True Beauty (makeup artist)   

A romantic comedy that inspires you to pursue your passion and art. It is a perfect fit if you like makeup and have a creative eye.  

Doctor Slump (Medical) 

This emotionally driven drama takes you on a realistic ride through the medical profession and an inside look into the challenging life of a doctor.

Pinocchio (Journalism) 

A crisp and edgy K-drama showcasing the power of media and journalism. It follows reporters and their struggles. 

Itaewon Class (Business)   

This K-drama evokes feelings of determination and perseverance. It inspires you to follow your dreams and start a business.   

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (Sports)   

A sports K-drama that follows a group of college students and Olympic aspirants. It is a compelling watch if you want to achieve sporting glory.  

Romance is a bonus book (Publishing) 

A feel-good, underrated gem that showcases a woman’s plight to restart her career after a long break. Set in a publishing house, it inspires you to read good books.  

Marry My Husband (Corporate)

Set in an office, this revenge K-drama reflects on corporate culture along with office rivalry and jealousy.