8 K-dramas with love triangles and second lead syndrome 

Arshi Khanam

What is second-lead syndrome?   

K-dramas have made the second lead syndrome popular because of their epic love triangles in which the second lead is left alone without getting the girl.   

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon   

This sweet love triangle with a fantasy twist leaves one of the leads with a sad ending. Bong Soon’s childhood love and police officer Guk Doo (Ji Soo) is a caring second lead.   

While You Were Sleeping

By portraying the transformative power of cherished memories and the importance of embracing new adventures, the film encourages viewers to find solace and meaning in the


In-ha and Ha-myung's sweet pairing won everyone’s hearts, but the second lead of aspiring reporter Seo Beom-jo leaves you impressed with its morality and integrity.    

True Beauty

This high school romance features one of the iconic love triangles that gives a major second lead syndrome with bad guy-turned-good Han Seo-jun's heartbreak. 

Boys over flowers  

The romantic triangle of Gu Jun-pyo, Geum Jan-di and Ji-hoo is one of the most likeable trios with Ji-hoo playing the second lead. Each character had a depth and it’s unlikely to forget their charisma.   

The Heirs

Apart from the lead couple Kim Tan and Cha Eun-sang, the bad guy Choi Young-do also has a pivotal role as he unexpectedly falls for the female lead.    

Start Up

The handsome Korean heartthrob Kim Seon-ho stars as the second lead Han Ji-pyeong and shatters the hearts of viewers when his first love is left incomplete. 

Love Alarm

Song Kang as the second lead Hwang Sun-oh in this romantic drama broke many fans’ hearts as the female lead Jo Jo chooses her childhood friend over him.