8 movies on freedom and personal growth  

Arshi Khanam

Cinematic inspiration

Some films help change our perspective on life as the characters undergo emotional growth. Here's a list of such must-watch films:  


This film revolves around a woman (Kangana Ranaut) exploring her true self and personal growth, experiencing the essence of life after her wedding is called off.  


A must-watch movie, it sheds light on the power of freedom, growth and self-discovery. It revolves around a teen boy who escapes the oppression of his abusive father.   

The Shawshank Redemption

A unique crime thriller, it is the story of an unconventional prisoner who touches the lives of other people in a beautiful way.  

Rang De Basanti

This intriguing drama film sheds light on a unique side of patriotism as a group of young people decides to fight back against corruption and social stereotypes. 

Beautiful Boy

An emotionally charged film, it traces the intricacies of a father-son relationship as the latter battles with drug addiction and inner turmoil.  

When They See Us  

This poignant film reflects on the perseverance, hope and struggle of five young black men who are wrongfully accused of rape.  

Into The Wild

A riveting biographical film, it is about a young man's quest to seek life’s meaning and freedom in the wilderness of Alaska.   

The Hateful Eight

This is a captivating drama film that captures the dilemmas of the human mind while grappling to survive the extreme weather.