8 romantic Korean films that will make you believe in love again

Team OTTplay

 Feb 13, 2024

20th Century Girl - Netflix

A girl keeps an eye on her bestie’s lover but actually ends up falling in love herself. Tough choice between friendship and love!

Sweet and Sour - Netflix

Not a soup, but a rom-com where a couple tries hard to make their long-distance relationship work at all costs

Tune In For Love - Netflix

A swoon-worthy romance of the 90s where two young at heart have an instant connection but fate is not in their favour

Always - Netflix

You have to watch this adorable film. The story of two different individuals meeting and falling in love. Classic romance!

 The Beauty Inside - Netflix

This is a unique story to watch. Woo-jin wakes up every day as a different person but his love for Yi-soo remains unchanged

Love and Leashes - Netflix

Love and Leashes is the story of two co-workers who enter a contractual relationship as partners. Story of pleasure & pain

Love 911 - Amazon Prime Video

This story brings together a firefighter and a doctor. But is there any other ulterior motive behind all this? Watch to know

A Moment To Remember Netflix

A slow but beautiful romance between a clothing designer and a young man. Past hurt doesn’t make process smooth for both