All Shankar movies ranked, as per IMDb

Team OTTplay

 Aug 17, 2023


Jeans tells the story of twin brothers who fall in love with the same girl.


Kadhalan is a classic love story about a rich girl falling in love with a working class boy


Nanban is the remake of the Hindi hit 3 Idiots. It's a feel-good drama that examines the flaws in our school system. 


In Boys, a bunch of rebellious youngsters set out to defy all restrictions imposed on them by their family and society. 


A sequel to Enthiran, 2.0 follows the fight of a superhuman robot against a murderous supervillain with a noble intention. 


Enthiran is a science-fiction and it tells the story of a robot which develops feelings and madly falls in love with its creator's girlfriend.


In Sivaji, Rajinikanth plays a software engineer-turned-vigilante, who sets out to end the menace of black money. 


I tells the story of a humble bodybuilder, who rises through the ranks of the fashion world, only to lose everything to a treacherous plan. 


In Gentleman, Arjun plays a modern-day Robin Hood, who robs the rich to fund the education of students from poor backgrounds. 


Indian revolves around an elderly freedom fighter who takes up arms again in independent India against the menace of corruption. 


Mudhalvan is about a common man, who ends up in the chief minister's position for a day and exposes the gross incompetence of political class. 


Anniyan is a story of a man with split personality disorder and his fight against the ills of society.