BTS' V raises the fashion bar with his Turtleneck elegance

Karen Noronha

 Sept 03, 2023

Viral Brown

In the video shared by Louis Vuitton featuring BTS, V was seen wearing a stylish brown turtleneck

Solid Black

Kim Taehyung, from his face mask to his beret, embraced a fully black ensemble for this chic and fashionable look

Airport Grey

V opted for the classic autumn and winter aesthetic with his choice of a white peacoat paired with a snug turtleneck

Brand Blue

Kim Taehyung looked absolutely stunning in his pink suit and navy turtleneck

Just White

Taehyung looks incredibly striking in a cream jacket paired with matching pants and a pristine white turtleneck

Best in Red

Regardless of the colour, V always appears heartthrob-worthy in a turtleneck, especially when he's donning vibrant red

All Black

At the 2022 'Fact Music Awards', V left everyone in awe with his mesmerizing vampire-inspired appearance

Soft in Pink

Kim Taehyung appears gentle and exquisitely beautiful while wearing a pink turtleneck

Black again

In a photoshoot for W Korea, V posed in a black sleeveless turtleneck, highlighting his curves & physique

Jean Jacket

In 2020, Tae donned a black turtleneck paired with jeans and a jacket, complemented by a pair of glasses