Chaithra Achar: I did Toby because of my faith in Raj B Shetty as a writer and actor

Team OTTplay

July 3, 2023

Early bird on cast

Chaithra, who is a good friend of actor-filmmaker Raj, was offered the role of one of the female leads when he was still writing it

No questions asked

"Raj said there is a character he wants me to do in Toby and I took it up without a second thought"

Blind faith in Raj

"Toby is a film I took up because of my faith in Raj as a writer, filmmaker and actor"

First onscreen collaboration

Toby is Chaithra's first onscreen collab with Raj. She had sung a sung for his earlier Garuda Gamana Vrishabha Vahana

Toby - a film to be remembered

Toby, says Chaitra will be remembered for its story, making, magnitude, etc.

A special role

Chaiithra plays one of the leading ladies in Toby; the other being Samyukta Hornad

Lucky to get this role

'This is the kind of film and role all actors should get to do. I have been lucky to be a part of it"

Happy to be a part of Toby

"I am very happy that I got to play this role, although I can't divulge much at this point"

In theatres this August

Toby, written by Raj based on a story by TK Dayanand, will be in theatres on August 25