From Endearing to full-on Beast Mode, Jr NTR is a man of many vibrant moods

Team OTTplay

 May 26, 2023

Beast Mode

According to fashion photographer Avi Gowariker, NTR can effortlessly switch from endearing to full-in Beast Mode

A Smile So Alluring

Avi Gowariker's 'Post Pack Up Shot' captures the alluring smile of the RRR star

Mystery Man

Aside from the display of extreme emotions, NTR can easily exude charming resilience like in this picture

The Thinker

When not at work, Jr NTR is as laidback and casual as anyone and fans love this side of his

That Child-Like Innocence

Among friends and close peers, a most innocent and pristine side of NTR shows up which reveals his true shades

A Man With The Golden Heart

As a superstar, he has extended support to countless artists and continues to be a rolemodel to many

NTR Forever

No denying that Jr NTR's presence and that insatiable energy can light up any room he walks into!