House Of The Dragon Season 2 Episode 4 Highlights - Dance Of The Dragons Begins!

Shubham Kulkarni

Alicent Is Pregnant

We meet a disturbed Alicent Hightower at the beginning of the episode as Grand Maester Orwyle brings a potion to abort a fetus. Both know it is for Alicent, but they act like it is for someone else.

Rhaenys & Meleys: The Real Queens

Rhaenys becomes the highlight of the episode as she goes to war with her dragon Meleys. She defeats Aegon and Sunfyre, but Daemon in Vhagar is a devil in disguise. Nonetheless, The Queen Who Never Was fights with her head held high and dies with her pride intact.

The Reckless King Aegon II

Aegon continues to be reckless even when Aemond shows him his place and Alicent tries to school him. He goes to war on Sunfyre unannounced and meets a brutal fate. Is he alive or dead? Episode 5 will tell.

Aemond Wants To Kill Aegon?

Aemond has grown to be the most lethal character in House Of The Dragon. Today, the boy crossed the limits of morality when he attacked his brother not once but twice. The second time he drew his sword was when all of us took a really long breath.

Daemon’s Visions Continue

Daemon in Harrenhal is having a situation. The castle does that to you. He now hallucinates, and the vision this time has young Rhaenyra wearing multiple crowns confronting him. He kills her in the vision only to wake up scared.

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