Kangana Ranaut’s various ‘claims’

Satish Sundaresan

 Sep 16, 2023

Claim No. 1

She took to social media and claimed that she is a 'Batman’ !

Claim No. 2

She lost Rs 30-40 crore after she spoke against ‘anti-nationals'

Claim No. 3

She was the first actor to fight for pay parity in the industry

Claim No. 4

That she is the only female actor to be paid like the male actors

Claim No. 5

She had claimed that most female A-listers do films for free

Claim No. 6

That that she was dropped from over 25 brand endorsements overnight

Claim No .7

She had claimed her film ‘Tiku Weds Sheru’ response is ‘equivalent to a Rs 100-crore theatrical film!