Karan Johar-  ‘Babies’ Day Out

Satish Sundaresan 

 Feb 11, 2024

Purple Opulence

Karan Johar posted that he was ‘going through a purple patch’! No wonder, KJo and both his kids were dressed in purple!

Loon about balloon

Karan describes his liking for balloons as they always represent joy and celebrations.

K2H2 Revisited

KJo revisited Kuch Kuch Hota Hai through his son Yash. who flaunts the ‘COOL’ chain!

Mohawk Progeny! 

Karan Johar’s son Yash once expressed his desire to spike his hair and colour it blue!

Megalomaniac beti

Karan Johar had once said (jokingly) that his daughter Roohi had become megalomaniac!

Mum’s the world!

Besides his two adorable children, Karan’s world revolves around his darling mother Hiroo Johar, who has always been his pillar of strength!