Kiccha Sudeep launches the trailer of Dhananjaya's Gurudev Hoysala

Team OTTplay

March 21, 2023

Kiccha supports Dhananjaya

Sudeep and Dhananjaya have struck up a friendship, so he came to support the latter

Dhananjaya's milestone film

Gurudev Hoysala is Dhananjaya's 25th film, which releases in theatres on March 30

Hit pair together

Dhananjaya and Amrutha Iyengar are back together after Popcorn Monkey Tiger and Badava Rascal

Dhananjaya in cop mode

Dhananjaya is Gurudev in this action entertainer set in Belagavi

The antagonist

Gultoo fame Naveen is the main antagonist, Bali, in this tale

Camaraderie on display

Sudeep is very fond of Dhananjaya, which is also why he came to the event

25 films is an achievement: Sudeep

Sudeep was amazed that Dhananjaya has already done 25 films. "I've done 8 in the same time frame," he joked

Third time pairing

On a jovial note, Sudeep also wondered why Dhananjaya and Amrutha were collaborating so often

Celebrating Daali's milestone

Sudeep ensured he was at the event from start to finish to celebrate Dhananjaya's career milestone

One for the film album

Kiccha took pictures with the entire team and then left