Malli Pelli actress Pavitra Lokesh is a symbol of grace in saris

Team OTTplay

May 24, 2023

Popular face

Pavitra Lokesh is one of the most popular character actors in Telugu and Kannada

Playing a lead

She’s playing the lead role in this week’s release Malli Pelli alongside her husband Naresh

Two languages

The film, directed by MS Raju, is releasing in both Kannada and Telugu on the same day

Elegance in a sari

The actress has mostly worn saris in her promotional appearances for Malli Pelli

Carrying herself with grace

In her bob-cut look, paired with her wide range of saris, Pavitra Lokesh has grabbed many eyeballs

Staying true to her roots

With her saris, Pavitra Lokesh proves it’s possible to hog limelight staying true to ones roots

Off/onscreen chemistry

Naresh and Pavitra have been vocal in expressing their love for one another in the events

Timely makeover

Pavitra Lokesh’s makeover proves that beauty is eternal and can defy age barriers

Reel and real

Malli Pelli is partially inspired by the real-life controversies in the life of Pavitra Lokesh and Naresh