Shanthi Priya:  Oozing Sterling Radiance

Satish Sundaresan 

 Feb 10, 2024

Just one shade of grey!

Doesn’t this lady dazzle in the golden grey shiny saree that compliments her the moon and back!

Shimmery shimmer

Shanti Priya looks simply stunning in the sweetheart neck sleeveless blouse with a knot at the back

'Hair' we come ...

Doesn’t her free flowing tresses gives us life’s philosophy-  live life tangle free!

‘Art’ of stone!

The rock on her hand simply blends with her bracelet and her dazzling personality

'Bank-ing' on sheer talent!

Shanthi Priya is all set to stun everyone (all over again) with the second season of Dharavi Bank and her film with  Vetri Maran!