Shruti Haasan-  Abyssal Chique Chic

Satish Sundaresan 

 Feb 10, 2024

Black is back!

When it’s about Shruti Haasan, black never goes out of fashion!

And… I am ‘black’!

Dressed in this black slit dress, Shruti Haasan indeed looks a million bucks!

If only eyes could speak...

With those perfectly shaped brows that compliments the eye lashes, Shruti looks like a poetry in motion!

Umbral Essence

When shadows act as a catalyst in unveiling the poetry of hidden realms!

Tress- de-stress

Doesn’t the free-flowing tress act as a perfect med to destress!

Silver sliver

Those silver ornaments on Shruti simply up the already upped glam quotient!

Pretty  Woman...! 

When you just cannot strop staring  at God's most beautiful creation! 

Shruti ‘Da-coit’

All her fans are eagerly waiting for the film ‘Dacoit’, whose first look poster was unveiled on her birthday!

Shining Bight

The film 'Dacoit' will see  Shruti and Adivi Sesh in the lead roles