Watch: Celina Jaitley is the most fun mother to sons Winston, Viraaj and Arthur

Dhwani Desai

April  11, 2023

 Revisiting her childhood

Celina reenacts an incident from her childhood, captioning the Reel, “Tag your annoying younger sibling who falls apart at the first sight of dad and screws you over”

 Typical Indian mother

The actress is married to an Austrian, her kids speak German, and here she is, being a “typical Indian mother... interfering in all educational endeavours”

 School report misadventures

This hilarious Reel is about what happens when you get a F-minus in school exams and don’t want to run into your mother

Hilarious take on motherhood 

Celina answers the question she gets asked the most — “How is motherhood of ‘twins plus one’ going” — through this funny Reel

Paaglo ka OTT platform?

Celina funny caption to this Reel is: “Lahaulvilakuwat!! Family Hai Ya Paaglo Ka OTT Platform”

 A lesson in Indian heritage 

This is how the actress keeps the Asian musical heritage alive for her half-Indian, half-Austrian children 

Twins-plus-one mom life

This Reel is a moment in the life of Celina, who is also a mom of twins-plus-one, running on caffeine and prayers!

Emotional damage?

We’ll let this hilarious Reel on “emotional damage” speak for itself