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Bigg Boss 16 EXCLUSIVE! Manya Singh on taking a stand for Gori Nagori, Sreejita De fight and equation with Archana Gautam

Manya Singh was evicted from Salman Khan's Bigg Boss 16 soon after the Diwali weekend.

Bigg Boss 16 EXCLUSIVE! Manya Singh on taking a stand for Gori Nagori, Sreejita De fight and equation with Archana Gautam
Manya Singh (Instagram).
  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 11.21 AM, Oct 28, 2022


Manya Singh was evicted from Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 16 not too long ago. The former Miss India runner-up made headlines for a few reasons inside the house. She was, in fact, even called out just a day before her eviction from the house. She came in limelight for standing by folk dancer Gori Nagori when she was wrong.

Not long before that, Manya came into the negative light for her fight and controversial statement to TV actress Sreejita De (the first evicted contestant of Bigg Boss 16). Apart from that, her equation with Archana Gautam was often the highlight of the episodes.

In a conversation with OTTplay, Manya said it all. She revealed what was her thought process behind every action in the house and if she stands by them even now.

Excerpts from the interview…

How do you see your game in the house?

It was quite good in the first week. I was playing at the backfoot in the second week. The third week, when I got nominated, I jumped.

When Gori was being questioned and you sided with her, you felt like you would be better off outside the house than be with the 'cheap' people in the house. Do you still stand by that statement?

I don’t know where these statements come from (laughs). I genuinely felt that Gori was right at that point of time. I felt that she faced injustice for two days. Two people tried to harm her physically. People didn’t notice that and even the housemates didn’t take a stand for her. They were probably afraid that if such a thing were highlighted, then Gori would also be evicted from the house.

By that time, we were way beyond nominations. So, I was mentally prepared that I will be getting out of the house. I just said it in a way that if I have to go out, I have to leave but I’ll still play my game.

Which contestant would you be friends with outside the house?

Most of the people. Nimrit (Kaur Ahluwalia), (MC) Stan, Gori, Abdu (Rozik), Sajid (Khan) sir. If they want to be my friend, so will I.

On the contrary, who would you stay miles away from?

(In a exclaimed tone) Soundarya.

Your incident with Sreejita De faced a lot of wrath. What would you say about your 'just a TV actor' statement now?

She also questioned me who gave me the Miss India tag. She asked me if I have seen my face and what my family background and level is. When she said that, then I replied. I didn’t even go personal. She went personal. I was on the basis of her profession. I don’t think I said anything wrong. She had even abused me when I didn’t use that kind of language for her.

Many things were said before my ‘just a TV actor’ statement. People should look at that as well – ki taali do haath se bajti hai, ek haath se nahi.

You constantly fought with Archana in the house and by her own confession, you'll went back to normal. Would you say that would be your equation with her even in real life?

More than fighting, our equation is such that we explain each other. We’re like sisters. At the start of the day, we bonded really well. I’ll always say that she’s a nice person and if we meet outside the house, we’ll stay good friends.

Where do you see yourself after the show?

Going back on the show as a wild card.