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Darling Krishna and Milana Nagaraj reunite on screen as P.C. Shekar's 'Love Birds'

The 'Love Mocktail' couple is all set to repeat the magic in P.C. Shekar's family-drama

  • Swaroop Kodur

Last Updated: 08.03 AM, May 25, 2022

Darling Krishna and Milana Nagaraj reunite on screen as P.C. Shekar's 'Love Birds'
Darling Krishna and Milana Nagaraj in P.C. Shekar's 'Love Birds'

Darling Krishna and Milana Nagaraj are all set to repeat their Love Mocktail magic with P.C. Shekar's upcoming film Love Birds. The two turned a real-life couple back in 2021 and one can safely presume that there was no dearth of film offers for them. But, as Milana points out, they awaited something fresh and outside the box and P.C. Shekar's family drama, which boasts of a prominent romantic angle, checked all the boxes.

"I would always accompany Krishna during his script narrations so I knew that Love Birds was an exciting film in the offing. But I had never thought of being a part of the project until Shekar sir himself made the offer. It was about 15 days ago that he came over to narrate the dialogue version of the script to Krishna and asked me if I would want to play the female lead - you see, one tends to be objective while listening to a script meant for another actor but when you are doing the same for yourself, you need a different perspective. So, I sought one more narration from the director and took the time to make up my mind. It was a well-thought decision at the end," shares Milana Nagaraj.

In fact, Milana and Krishna wished to keep things exclusive as far as their on-screen pairing is concerned. Through Love Mocktail and its recent sequel, the couple managed to create a niche for themselves and also build a home production house to support their mutual dream projects. Yet, their individual work schedules left them no time to develop new content and in this regard, Love Birds came about as the perfect opportunity to collaborate once again.

"There are a bunch of ideas that we want to develop and execute together but time is a major constraint. So, when something like Love Birds came along, it seemed like a nice opportunity to work together and present a new kind of love story to the audience. While the Love Mocktail films saw us be this perfect, almost dream-like couple that had everything in sync, Love Birds will be a lot more relatable because we both play characters from the corporate world. The film is essentially about the romance between two such individuals, day-to-day issues, and how families come into the scheme of things - I play an independent, bold woman so I am sure a lot of people in the audience will find her relatable. And when you are working with a director like P.C. Shekar sir, you can rest assured that the film will come out really well," adds Milana.

The shooting of Love Birds will begin on May 30th with a 55-day schedule currently in place. Arjun Janya will be composing the soundtrack and Shakti Shekar comes in as the cinematographer. Kaddipudi Chandru is the film's producer.