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Exclusive! Ayush Mehra and Barkha Singh: Our off-screen love, friendship translates into our on-screen chemistry

New season of 'Please Find Attached' highlights importance of work-life balance, self growth and self-love

Exclusive! Ayush Mehra and Barkha Singh: Our off-screen love, friendship translates into our on-screen chemistry
Barkha Singh, Ayush Mehra from Please Find Attached S3

Last Updated: 04.35 PM, Aug 29, 2022


As the first episode of the mini web series Please Find Attached Season 3 is released, the narrative takes the journey of Shaurya and Sanya played by Ayush Mehra and Barkha Singh to the next level. The story addresses the much deeper aspect of life that includes prioritising different aspects of life, be it professional growth, love life, and physical and mental health.

In conversation with OTTplay, both the actors opened up.

Talking about the importance of work-life balance, especially how the actors do it from the start of the show until now, Ayush told OTTplay, "There was actually no need for balance between work and family life when I started working for PFA because I did not have much work! So whenever after long waiting and a series of auditions we crack one show, we would rather want to give our all for the work. The rest of the time, I was sitting at home. But yes, now there is a need for work-life balance." 

Seconding his thought, Barkha said, "That's right, we were not bothered about work-life balance because we did not have much work. But of course, with time, things have changed and yes, work-life balance is very important for all of us. But I must mention that when we are talking about balance, we should include self-love and 'me-time' to that. Mostly we tend to focus on work life and family life balancing and tend to forget that we need to look after ourselves as well."

Adding to the same thought, Ayush emphasised self-growth that many times young couples tend to forget when they are in a relationship.

Ayush said, " I think 'me time' and self-love has everything to do with self-growth. When we are in a relationship, all we care is about the relationship and the person we love. But we should ask ourselves if personal growth is happening through the journey; if the state of mind is happy etc. Because all these elements are equally important for both the individual to grow together."

The actors shared that in the new season of the show, all these topics are included in the narrative.

Starting in 2015, the show Please Find Attached has grown and gained fans with its every season. The most talked about part of the show is the cuteness and chemistry between the protagonist Shurya and Sanya; their journey from college friends to roommates, to colleagues to lovers.

Asked about the mystery behind the chemistry and the actors decode how their off-screen relationship translates on-screen.

Barkha shared, "The trust and comfort that we share as friends and co-actors always help to create the chemistry between Shaurya and Sanya."

Adding to that Ayush said, "Yes, our friendship is that of more than seven years. We have been working on the show PFA for the last five years and have worked on earlier projects as well. There is trust we always need from our co-actor so that when Barkha is doing something in a scene, and even if I disagree with it, I know she is doing it for the larger picture. So then, it does not put me off, because I trust her."

"It is the same trust and comfort you see on-screen between Shaurya and Sanya," mentioned the actor.

While the convincing portrayal of the young couple has given a lot of love and appreciation from the audience, the actors said that there is one question that fans cannot stop asking on social media and how they deal with it.

"More than often, from the first season of the show, I am asked if I am dating Ayush. If not, we are suggested to date each other because we look 'cute'," laughed Barkha.

"And we also happily say that, 'yes, yes we will think about it' to our fans" laughed Ayush.

The show Please Find Attached : Season 3, directed by Mandar Kurundkar, also featuring - Vaibhavi Upadhyaya, Aditya Pandey, Tushar Dhembla - is streaming on Amazon miniTV.


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