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Exclusive! Trupti Khamkar: Give me the role of a maid who is the lead, not just running like in Kabir Singh
Shaheen Irani
Nov 15, 2021
cover image
Trupti Kamkar.

She has recently surprised people with her character in Girgit. This stand-up comedian-actress is now on an all-time high since both of her upcoming projects, Zombivli as well as Govinda Mera Naam, have been announced. She is Trupti Kamkar.

The actress has been a part of Girls Hostel, Tumhari Sulu and The White Tiger before Girgit. She spoke to us about her success of Girgit, what she will play in Govinda Mera Naam and much more. Excerpts:

You have played comic characters previously, like in Girls Hostel. So how would you describe your character in Girgit?

Finally, I've got a very human-like, sweet, innocent character called Mahi. You haven't seen me in anything like that. She is a sweet, innocent, genuine, heartwarming and loving kind of person. She has been put in situations that are so sad it's funny. I'm really glad to have found a character which is an actor's dream. I had always wanted to do something that is human, not OTT.

We have seen you in the roles of a maasi and wife etc. Basically they were roles that were older than your age. Is it that you aren't getting roles according to your age or you have been okay working in such roles?

I was definitely not getting any good roles. I have the Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I played Gandhaari when I was 18 and I'm play a 27-year-old at age 39. So I think I'm super blessed. There, I was constantly asked to wear a saree. Now, I'm hoping to get good roles. I'm in a special in which I was talk about how I was asked to look older when I was younger.

It appears that your character in Girgit is close to who you are as a person. Care to explain?

Very much. She's bubbly, friend, innocent and can be easily manipulated. When I was 18-20, I was Mahi with a little bit of fantasy.

You do stand up comedy and even generally as an actor, you tend to go full-throttle. That would come to a stop if censorship came up on OTT. So what are your views on OTT censorship and the whole debate?

Anything I have done till date would be cut by censor. I've done loud and crazy roles but none of my work thankfully will be edited. This pandemic has really made a difference. The level at which OTT would go mad over physical or gory scenes, they have subtled out. A filmmaker, ad filmmaker and theatre person has also come to OTT. There will be such options but also more tasteful options for people to watch. When you talk about AltBalaji, people usually assume they make Gandi Baat but Ekta Kapoor has also produced Cartel and Girgit, which are three different genres. People should be a little more liberal when watching a film or series. There are also times when a lovemaking scene is needed. It's a very technical thing. We choose watching porn but nobody judges you.

But when you compare Hollywood to AltBalaji, of course Hollywood has lovemaking but they don't exactly promote just that. However, AltBalaji does promote that bit. Do you feel that is the reason audiences aren't more accepting of that?

Could be. I would like to view the other side. AltBalaji has an audience that is in the interiors. So the platform gets their audience when they promote such content. I believe AltBalaji is being kind to the audience who was committed to Gandi Baat. They are trying to maintain the balance as well. It is a transition.

How is working with Vidya Balan different from working with Priyanka Chopra?

It is similar and different at the same time. They both are very promising, giving, humble and never made me feel like a secondary actor. Vidya spoiled me. Once you get her as co-actor, nobody else will match that standard. She's so pretty. What a soul! I did seven nights with her and she wasn't cranky once. I want to be like her - humble on sets and spreads joy. Priyanka is such a powerful woman. She went and ruled Hollywood! She gave me so much hopes that even at 40, I can marry a 20-year-old. I always felt excited to work there because the set was really lovely. As an actor, they both are beautiful and know their job so right. They are also very giving - they share the screen with you, which is a great quality in an actor.

You have been a part of OTT even before it became a fully-blown out medium. Do you see your journey continuing on the web or will explore films more in the coming years?

Most definitely you'll see me in films. I'm a part of Zombivli. I'm also a part of Govinda Mera Naam. Guess what I'm playing in the film? Maid.

Wow, so you are playing a maid in a film with Bhumi, who has already set an example of that role with Lust Stories. How will you match that, moreso in a film with Bhumi herself?

Don't worry, she isn't sweet or sensual. When my name pops up, it has to be crazy, right? That's what I'm saying, I'm okay playing a maid who has a good role rather than a maid in Kabir Singh, who just runs.

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